Friday, December 10, 2010

The Art and Service of Noticing Change

The rate of change has quickened over the past three weeks. Since the tipping point. Do you feel it? After all the speculation about what could be big enough to cause a huge global release lasting months, I'm grateful to see that is has not been something as devastating as a nuclear bomb. Instead the universe gave us Wikileaks and the daily leaking cables. I'm grateful to see the expanding response globally to Wikileaks' gradual release of diplomatic cables documenting the unethical and insidious behavior of the US government and the corporate elitists. I welcome the rising tide of people demanding their access to information and truth; the growing demonstrations in support of Julian Assange; the initial shift from talking about what's been going on to taking action. This last one has been really noticeable.

If you want the world to change for the better, leave space in your awareness for the possibility of change to occur. Change can not happen if we leave no room for it's possibility. So leave the space for change. The more people who do this, the larger this collective space becomes. Bring your attention towards noticing what is different. You can do this in the course of your daily life. The act of noticing what is different brings change into manifestation. Even if very subtle, when we notice something different, we usher in change. That subtle difference you notice maybe just the first step in a process of significant change. From physics we learn that the act of observing changes the outcome.

One of the differences I've noticed over the past month is a new emergence of people who radiate heart energy. I saw this in the people who appeared to assist in my process of moving to a new place, they each radiated a strong heart energy in a way I'd not felt before. More have turned up since. Hmm ....Thinking about this, I sense that this difference comes from both within me and within others. As I've always tuned to peoples emotions, I can say that this heart centeredness feels very different from when people hold loving emotions. Loving feelings and the heart centeredness I'm picking up on recently are quite different qualities. This heart centeredness is really not an emotion at all, it's a presence, a vibration. From my little window on the world I'd say that more and more people are shifting to operate from their heart center. Call it my statistical sampling. I like this change I'm noticing.

The change I notice within me is a shift in my ability to perceive where people are coming from. Perhaps some people have been radiating heart centeredness all along and I've not had the sensitivity to pick up on it before. And perhaps my sensitivity has emerged because some people have adopted this new vibration. When I sense that someone is radiating heart energy it feels very different from thinking that someone is a nice person. At this point it feels like I'm developing a new sensitivity to read the vibrational level of people. Possibly. It's something I'll continue to observe.

There's another benefit we receive when we shift our awareness towards noticing what has changed. That is that our awareness becomes more sensitive and fine tuned. We're able to notice ever more subtle shifts and changes, both within ourselves and in our outer world. In many ways, this is what expanded awareness is all about.