Sunday, May 2, 2010

Acquired Knowledge is Not Divine Knowing

Acquired knowledge is not the same thing as Divine Knowing. Many confuse the two. Most actually. You can see it all around you. People who mistakenly believe that study and memorization of facts from various spiritual teachings gives them Divine Knowing. They study sacred geometry, Tarot, the Mayan Calendar, etc. as if this acquired knowledge with unlock the door to the Light. This is not to say that the teachings are without value. Far from it. Such teaching are highly valuable when used as tools to elicit understanding of who we are as expressions of the Divine Creator.

What matters is how we live in each moment and how we interact with all the other expressions of the Creator that surround us. Divine knowing appears only through our actions and interactions with Self and Other. Not through the recitation of spiritual text. One can reach enlightenment without ever opening a book. Divine wisdom is offered to us continually in our experiences of living a life.

Diving Knowing in action is the ability to set aside what you are doing and give your full attention to a child who wants to tell you something.

Diving knowing is present in the moments you fill with awe and wonder at the mystery and magnificence of a seedling emerging from the combination of dark soil, water and light of the Sun.

Divine knowing permeates our beings when we say we are sorry from a true heart when we err, and when we forgive others who make no apology to us for their error.

Divine Knowing appears when we feel someone's smile at the very center of our heart.

We, and here I definitely include myself, make it all so complex. Yet there is a simplicity in understanding the Divine. A simplicity that defies expression in words. A simplicity that only finds expression through the heart in action.

This is what seems true to me at this moment. Then it will wisp away. I'm aware that I really know nothing and I'll continue on my path, seeking to understand what is greater than my comprehension. On occasion I look down and realize I'm walking with ruby slippers on my feet. Don't you?