Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Earth Movement and Your Power

Deep within the Earth she is moving, shifting. Our planet is not some dry clump of earth. She has a soul, Gaia. Gaia is cleaning house now. Moving, clearing, tossing out all the clutter and filth we have cast on her for all these millenia. Releasing and clearing all the anger, pain, judgment and fear we strewn across and with her with our thoughts and emotions. How cold she be expected to contain it all? All the war and suffering, all the harmful and unnatural chemicals, all the concrete and paving, all the all the electrical and sound frequencies we emit and channel through overhead and underground wires and through our atmosphere? Contain all the angry and judgmental thoughts and feelings we humans have thrown out about us each minute, hour, day, and century.

So the movement just beginning comes about in her process of clearing out, and then absorbing the vibrations of love and appreciation radiating towards her from the cosmos and Source. Gratitude for all she has put up with from the students here in planet Earth Growth School.

Our sun, Ra, assists and shares Gaia's metamorphosis. He too has been so harmed by the ugliness we human have expressed. They work together now in a magnetic energy dance of rejuvenation. Have you felt it? If not, you will. We all will.

Their heaving movements can be lessened if we assist. They can be lessened if each of us, the many who are now aware, send our vibration of love outward to the Earth, Sun and Stars each day where it will rebound and rain back down upon us in showers of love. Love is the power of creation and destruction. This is so important to understand. Love is the power behind the cycles of evolving energy, matter and form.

Do you realize the power we individually and collectively hold? When we come together and jointly act in consciously using our power of creation and destruction, we have the power of Prime Creator. We have to power to deconstruct what harms all life here, what harms our home planet, deconstruct all that has been formed through our unaware thoughts and feeling causing harm across all dimensions. We have the power to create what supports our life and nurtures our souls. Every thought and feeling becomes manifest in someway.

You matter so much more than you realize. You are way more powerful than you have ever imagined. This same knowledge of power has been used against us to shut down our awareness of our own power and to enslave us within systems that abuse rather than support our existence on this planet. Now the tide is turning. These dark forces are losing now, they are in the death throws, grasping desperately to hold on to the power they have exerted over us. Hold this awareness of their demise. Be grateful for their passing, be grateful for their presence and all their actions, because they have given us the contrast that facilitates our understanding and appreciation of the Light forces. Their purpose has been served.

Now is the time to own your Free Will, your will to choose, your birthright. Own your sovereignty. Radiate all the love, appreciation and gratitude your heart can embody. Give your follow Sovereigns the respect and appreciation they deserve, you deserve, each and every one of us. Infringe not upon the Free Will of any other. Speak out together against injustice. Put not one single drop of your support towards the manifestations of the dark forces. Do not work for, buy products from, or support their militaries, their defense contractors, their corporations, their financial institutions, and their governments who do not represent us. All we have to do is walk away.

When we cease to acknowledge or support their presence in any way, they will disappear with such speed we will all be breathless with awe! And the songs of celebration will radiate outwards in every direction, at every level, through all dimensions.

May the Light be with you!