Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dark Energies Dissolving in the Light

The light exposes the dark energies and the darkness becomes no more. Bilderberg is being exposed for what it is. It is not a secret anymore. This past weekend's Bilderberg Group meeting at the Dolce Hotel in Sitges, Spain, (Attendees List), just outside Barcelona has been making the MSM. You probably saw the first article in the London Times. Here's a nice Charlie Skelton blog article in the Guardian UK. And another follow-up article by Charlie Skelton with link to photo gallery of participants. And a recent Video of Daniel Estulin educating the EU Parliament about the Bilderberg Club. After so long, it's wonderful to see this exposure transpire so quickly.

Most importantly, real confirmation came forth in a Belgian radio interview with former Nato Secretary General, Willy Claes, a member of Bilderberg He admitted on air that the purpose of the Bilderberg meetings is to set the global agenda for the coming year. He even described the procedures for their meetings and the written report that they are oath bound to implement within their circle of power. (Note - this article on Infowars loses it's strength by devolving into a long angry bashing of the Bilderberg spokespersons who've been trying to counter claims of Bilderbergers' power as lunacy.)

Bilderberg is no longer a secret. These agents of the dark forces, men (and a few women) of power and control, are being exposed to all. Their existence and destructive agenda made known to the world. By their hidden activities coming to light, their power evaporates like mist. When light shines upon the darkness, the darkness ceases to exist.

All that was formed out of greed, corruption, and abuse of power is dissolving quickly now. The heart energy streams in filling in everything. We are taking our planet back to what it was meant to be at it's creation, our Heaven on Earth. All around us the first buds of new systems created with heart energy emerge, new systems that respect, support, and nurture all life here on Earth. Gaia included. Gaia most of all. She is not some lump of rock traveling through the Milky Way. She has a heart and soul. She is our home. And she loves us immeasurably.