Friday, October 22, 2010

In the Midst of the Rising Energies, We Manifest Like Magic!

I'm kind of swimming this morning, feeling a bit ungrounded. Breath. It's a gift to us to be able to ground ourselves easily with a few slow, deep breathes. The energy is very strong and moving lickety-split.. I slept deeply last night, very deeply.

Yesterday was magical. I drove to the house and it's very nice, beautiful neighborhood that was built probably 30 years ago leaving the old, tall trees in place. The house is charming and looks well maintained. Not too big, not too small. I've spoken to the owner and gotten the details about floor plan, condition, and utilities. He seems to be very detail oriented and thorough, I'm betting he's an engineer. You know the type. I'm meeting with him around lunch time today to make the arrangements. What I'm seeing in my life, and in those of my close friends, is that we're manifesting what we need and want with such speed it's breathtaking and leaves you giggling at how easy it all is. WhoooHaw!!! (as my daughter says:)

I never looked at other houses yesterday, it felt unnecessary, and I finding I was right. Instead, I found the yarn store, a fabulous place with knitters, weavers, and spinners. The nicest people working there, a community waiting for me to join. Then in the historic district I found one of the best independent bookstores I've ever been to and wonderful locally owned shops full of the works of local artists. Two lovely women in the Humane Society gift shop offered to link me up with a good vet, groomer, and kennel for my dogs. Everyone I met was so warm, welcoming, and down to earth.

I've never felt so welcomed anywhere before. The magnitude of what this means touches my deepest core and gratitude wells up filling each cell of my physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies. We, the Lightworkers, are in for the treat of our lifetime to finally be welcomed and appreciated for who we are. I am humbled. And it's only just beginning, our time to shine forth.

I'm running now to my appointment then head down to the big city for my flight back first thing in the morning. This evening I'll post a bunch of links to some very cool things that have crossed my path recently that I've wanting to share.

Shine On!!!