Sunday, December 12, 2010

Looks Like Time to Draw Into the Eye of the Storm

This morning I scanned through some of the blogs that I used to follow regularly, but haven't read in some time for no reason other than I haven't. Checking in. Listening as the storm gathers. The other bloggers each report their eye witness accounts of worsening storm-related incidents.

It's been raining hard here since yesterday afternoon. The creek running behind my temporary home runs hard, swollen and slightly muddy. Elsewhere snow and cold winds wash across the land freezing everything. I'm relieved that it's 54 degrees right now. Warm Blessings from the ocean waters. For the past two years I've noticed that our weather often mirrors what's occurring within the social complexes of the planet. Significant events happen in the Fall.

For all it's fluff reputation, Facebook gives me an interesting window on the world. My circle of primarily, virtual friends spans a broad spectrum. Most invited me, though on occasion I've gone on short invitation sprees. I've got many friends who are very spiritual and aware. Some who may have friended me out of curiosity or perhaps a desire for a little zing beyond their normal life. There's a group I really love and enjoy who post great articles and insightful observations, and genuinely share a desire to end all the wars and government oppression. As operation payback emerged, I found that a couple of my friends seem to know a lot about how to launch Denial of Service attacks. The other day a new friend defriended me after I commented that I got communication from someone by means other than a telephone. "Over and out" he replied. And quickly clicked the remove me as a friend button. Guess he's got some big surprises coming.

My point in raising this subject is two-fold. First, I don't watch TV, haven't really for the past ten years. I no longer own a television. No longer subscribe to the newspaper. However, my little fb window on the world gives me an interesting view. Many of these friends excel at locating news of what's going on in the world, so fb has become my best news source, surprisingly. Through this window I see the shift unfolding in people. About a week ago, the tide made a huge turn. People have begun shifting from information sharing mode to action mode. It's growing quickly. The big R is upon us. Be careful.

Secondly, it's time to withdraw somewhat and settle into the eye of the storm. So I'm going to quietly back out of my fb presence. We each have our unique role in this Great Shift. The Indigo Children have awakened. My role is not to assist in bringing anything down and so it's wisest to quiet down. There will be plenty to do for those gathered in the eye. We'll be helping those who've been scattered by the gales. Quietly creating anew, ready to pick up the pieces afterward. Fear is not a factor at all. Be careful, but not in fear. We each chose to be here in this most significant of times. We are protected from higher levels and came in prepared for our unique path. Stay fluid, alert to the winds, and turn up the volume knob to your inner Guides, Teachers, and Angels. I mean this literally, drop down into your heart, reach out and turn up the volume knob, then notice what changes occur. This actually works.

Good time for a nap. I'll be back here tomorrow.