Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ascension is Real

Going through the Ascension process is mind blowing.  In these first few weeks, what I find most profound is the experience of having the expanded Divine Soul Self connect and merge with my physical mind, body, and emotional field.  Nothing is the same once this happens.  There is 24/7 access to your expanded inner knowing within this merged field within you, that is you.  Make sense?? There is a lot to wrap one's conscious mind around, to make a gross understatement.  It is a magical, wonder and awe filled experience.

I shared a few posts ago about the first few days after connecting and merging with my expanded Soul Self, that I experience myself flip-flopping back and forth between 3D and 5D.  Another way to describe this relates to the connection to the expanded Soul Self.  The powerful energy that filled my body is my Soul Self.  I knew this as it was happening and this knowing has grown deeper.  The few days of flip-flopping was like tuning a radio, as you hit the station you want for a moment, then turn the knob slightly back and forth until you hit the place where the transmission is consistent, stable, and clear.  "I'm in my Knowing, I'm back to my small self, I'm in my Knowing, Wait, how did I lose the connection when all I did was go in the kitchen and quarter and apple?" 

Over past few weeks, as my Soul embodiment has stabilized and continued to deepen and expand within me, I've spent some time exploring the Knowing that is now available to me.  The difference between pre-Ascension and Post-Ascension I would describe like this.  Before Ascension my Knowing came in in short, direct, currently appropriate guidance.  Sort of like I was given the third paragraph on page 137 of a particular book, applicable to what I needed in that moment.  Over the years, as I listened and asked for guidance and Knowing, I reached a stage where I could request knowing on a subject and would receive it usually within 48 hours.  After connecting to my expanded Soul Self in ascending, I now have access to the entire library.  The library is huge and all the information is vibrational.  So I've been (re)learning how to locate, access and translate information into human mental concepts and words that my self, here in this lifetime on the ground can understand.  I hope this makes sense.  I'm trying.

This weekend, as I consider, "Who am I now?" and "What and How do I want to express myself now?"  I recognize that at this point I hold a number of perspectives simultaneously.  There is Helen in this physical life who has mundane tasks, like  mopping the floor, buying groceries, and fixing the new hole in the fence that my dogs have started traversing for unescorted field trips.  There is Helen in this physical lifetime who is experiencing the Ascension process and learning to make sense of it.  And there is Helen, the expanded ancient Soul Self that is becoming consciously known/experienced in this physical lifetime.  (There is a forth perspective related to my role with Earth and humanity, but for the sake of this discussion and simplicity, I'm leaving that one to the side for now.)

The mundane perspective, you already know about and we can talk later about the challenge of integrating/balancing the mundane tasks into the Divine expression on Earth once I figure that out a bit better.  And the forth perspective is to the side, for now.

Considering the perspectives of the in-this-lifetime Self experiencing the Ascension process and the expanded ancient Soul Self now resident and becoming consciously known/expressed in this lifetime, both perspectives have wisdom and guidance to share.  I sense that over time, they/1 will become more integrated into one perspective.  But for now they are very distinct, and I want to choose how to share the best of each perspective.  And I'm still experimenting with Where I am speaking from now?  Pay attention to this because when you Ascend (if you choose), you too will experience multiple, simultaneous perspectives and the opportunity to make choices about how you want to express the new expanded you.  Then again, it might unfold for you as a very natural, graceful, not such a big deal process.  We are each different!

My Helen-in-this-lifetime experiencing Ascension perspective is easy to share, it's a matter of relating what I'm experiencing the present, as I've been doing in this blog from the start.  Enlightenment, Nirvana, Heaven on Earth, Ascension, that state of inner peace, joy and bliss spoken of in the ancient texts, has an ethereal quality in most people's minds.  It is like some far off distant place heard of in legends that we long for and dream of reaching, but can't quite grasp that it can actually happen.  Reading accounts from those who have ascended in this current time, Eckhart Tolle, David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD, Michealle Small Wright, Gary Zukav...makes it less mystical, answers a lot of questions, and helps us understand and validate our experiences in the Ascension process. At least it's been immensely helpful to me.

Lastly, and most significantly, is my perspective as an expanded Soul Self.  This is the perspective for which I want to find my voice.  It is from our expanded Soul Self that we have access to share with other the deepest, most expansive wisdom.  So first, I must tell you who I am:

I am a humble servant of the Creative Source and I bow to the Divine in you.  I am an ancient soul of the Elohim.  From both the non-physical realms and from the physical during incarnate lifetimes, I've participated in the co-creation of the Divine Plan for Earth as a Free-Will zone for life, and for the Plan's fulfilment in manifest physical form.  There is a partnership that takes place between the non-physical Soul and the Soul acting through incarnate expressions.  Creation in the physical can only happen through the Soul expressing in incarnate form.  During a prior incarnation, in service of the Divine Plan, I was a genetic scientist who created the seeds for the trees and plant life that we then seeded on Earth.  I should say co-creation as there were many involved.  This was in the Lyra star system.  Much later in earth years, I had lifetimes as a Plieadian participating in the seeding of Humanity and the co-creation of the crystalline grid on Earth.  And many hundreds of lifetimes incarnate on Earth.  I am here now in service to Earth and to all life and Humanity on the planet in this time of the expansion of Consciousness.

Back to the present in this lifetime, I've been experiencing and witnessing the unfolding of Earth's and Humanity's expansion and shift to the next level in the unending spiral of growth and Ascension.  My joy, excitement, and awe is dual in nature.  I experience it at the personal level as Helen in-this-lifetime. As in Wow, this is amazing!  And I experience it, perhaps most intensely, with the love and joy of a mother watching her child, after many challenges, prepare to receive his/her Masters degree.  A love so deep, unconditional, eternal.  As I view the shift occurring on Earth, I feel like my proud, dedicated mother hen, Miranda, as she gathered her wide-eyed curious chicks to leave the nest and step outside the coop for the first time.  Rest assured, No chick will be left behind!  I am not the only person incarnate on Earth who shares this perspective, though our numbers are relatively few.   Please know that there is a multitude here, both in the physical and non-physical, to support and assist you in this transformation.  The Universe conspires for your success.

So... my intentions now are to quickly sort out and integrate, as i find appropriate, my perspectives, gather and translate into concepts and language understandable to the human mind the relevant information I have access to in my expanded field, and then express in written form what I sense will be most helpful/useful to assist those on the path of Ascension.

On a lighter note, We really need to co-create a field of Ascension humor.  So much of this experience is quite hysterical.  I mean really, I just had to figure out how to tell people I made the trees!  Imagine this for a moment, and please laugh with me.  And I promise to laugh with you when you connect with the awareness of what amazing things you created in the material. 

Lastly, because this is quite enough for one post, I leave you with this message:  Ascension is Real.  If you have completed all the lessons of the 3rd dimension, and if you choose, you really, truly can Ascend and expand into consciously embodying your Divine Soul Self in this physical lifetime.

With deepest sincerity, Namaste, much love