Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No Two Days the Same, Yet Hope Springs From the Eternal

It's been difficult for me to write lately, when previously I had too much to say and kept a list of future blog posts in the ready. We are shifting so quickly now. No two days are like the next. I'm hearing from numerous others that they are also going through very significant shifts internally. I'll write about mine and in the process perhaps you'll find some clarity for yourself. Maybe I will too. It's sort of like trying to tell someone the plot of a movie when you're still in the middle of watching it for the first time.

Last week I wrote about my awareness that there was some huge energy coming in that initiated an expansion of perception within me. Then I had two days of family visiting and we focused on physical labor taking down the deck. It came at a good time to ground the expansion. Doing physical labor helps us integrate changes in our mental and emotional fields with the physical body. Then I had two days where I didn't know what to say. Nothing came to me. I felt very flat. This morning early on, my mind felt like a computer with too much stored memory on the hard drive leaving too little free space to pull out and look at individual files. I'd not experienced such a definable type of slowness before.

Weird as it may sound, simultaneously throughout this past week, I've felt a growing sense that good things are coming together in the outer world. Despite the continuing efforts of the Illuminati to place us under the New World order. It's become harder for me to worry about the dark forces. My concern keeps gradually lessening. Not just about all their plots to control, but also it's harder for me to feel concern for a couple of situations in my personal life that previously would have caused me great concern. I found myself this morning laughing about my lack of concern. Then wondering am I losing it? Or finding the truth.

This morning some very positive things were reported in George Ure's column (click on Urban Survival in the sidebar). It's worth reading. The Senate actually passed 96 to 0 to audit the Federal (not, it's a private bank) Reserve. Who'd have thought that would get passed, much less by unanimous vote. We'll see if it gets through the House and not vetoed. Still, this is a hopeful shift. Big, big party scheduled for the day wee finally take back our Constitutional authority to issue currency from the Federal Reserve and do away with all the central banks worldwide. George also included an awesome Youtube video of Robert Steele. When a former insider speaks out and very simply lays out the plan to take back control of our government, and does so in a way that even the unawakened can understand, it's a gift. I recommend watching it and passing it on to your contacts, both awake and still in sheeple mode. Robert Steele makes the case that it's easier than we think it is, and after listening to him, he might just be right. I take these as outer confirmations of the sense of hope I'd been experiencing.

Another awareness of the past week, is that all those who are speaking out with their different sensitivities and perspectives, are operating from a higher level of coordination. They speaking out, offering guidance, sharing their perspective, and many have been drawn to them. One is sensitive to the larger energies coming into the planet, another is keenly perceptive to the political operations of the dark forces, another relates the outer events to the spiritual realms, still another channels information from energy beings looking at us from the higher dimensions. They are each unique and each immensely valuable in awakening the consciousness. They offer validation of what we are each experiencing. And these voices come together like a symphony playing the music of the spheres. it's their coordination that I've become keenly aware of recently. The coordinated physical presence of the Light Forces.

Each of us come in with our unique sensitivities and perspectives to share, and everyone's contribution is valuable and vital in our expansion and the Ascension. We tend not to value our own contribution because it is so natural to us. If it's so easy and natural could it really be of value? The answer is, Oh yes! Most Definitely. The fact is we came in well prepared and all of our life experiences have been perfect in that they have further honed our sensitivities and unique talents. Somewhere in the illusions placed upon us through the cultural manipulations of the dark forces, we all got the message that we had to work so incredibly hard to deserve some minute amount of good in our lives (or only in the afterlife). That illusion is falling away now with great speed. How cool is that?!!!

Imagine...Living your life where your "work" is simply being exactly who you are, doing what you love to do! We are almost there, it's drawing nearer. The more we embody this in our day to day lives, the faster it materializes around us. We'll still have a lot of cleaning up to do as the old systems collapse. That's what I was speaking about last week in the post about rolling up our sleeves, lots of clean up work and providing for those who've been displaced in the process. Still, today the phrase that keeps coming to mind is "Hope springs eternal." That's happening now. Hope is springing from the Eternal. A very good corner to have turned. Tomorrow, we'll see what tomorrow brings.

With the Force of Love and Creation!