Friday, January 29, 2016

Ascension System Mainenance and Recalibration

Today I've been off-line, in system down for servicing and upgrading the circuits mode.  Looking back, it started yesterday afternoon.

I can speak from the Helen observing the process perspective though, that is still operating.

Yesterday I felt much more centered in I AM Helen (My Soul Self appears to have chosen this moniker because it's what now comes to mind).  My mind was calmer and quieter, with much less self talking about what it was observing and experiencing in this transition.  Emotionally I was feeling a bit more serious throughout the day, without the giggles and giddiness I'd experienced so often bouncing through this acclimation process.

During the day, as I set about some mundane tasks, I became aware of the fact that my outer world will change significantly and very rapidly now.  Our outer world always reflects our inner reality and my new inner reality will be expressed in the outer world I experience.  As within so without.  Well, Yea!!!  I set about making a series of decisions as to what I want to create.  It was such an easy, pleasant, and very simple process now that there is no internal debate and no bumping into limiting ideas and beliefs, etc.  The things that I'd been struggling to create prior to ascension, such as repair of construction defects and completing the interior and exterior finishing of my house, will flow gracefully together going forward now. I understand this so clearly and naturally.

For the past five or six days my mind had been running at max capacity.  Like a computer running a marathon.  Personally, I've always found it exhilarating and exciting when I'm processing a lot of information and finding repeated epiphanies.  Although I have never done this so intensely for so long a period.  I'm curious about what others will experience in their acclimating process.  How they experience their minds and brains working.

By evening I was really tired, my whole body exhausted. Since day one, if I turn my attention to my crown chakra I can feel an ongoing energy flow.  But last night there was an intense stream of energy flowing in.  I realized I'd been going into off-line mode as the day progressed and that I was receiving another strong energy upgrade.

I see that I started going through a defrag process last night, a process of clearing fragments of old perceptions and thoughts.  A few times, once walking back from my chicken coop towards the house and twice while I was reading a novel in bed, I experienced momentary flashes, for just a second or two, when I flashed back into pre-ascension perception of who I am.  It was really weird and a tad unsettling.  "Is anything that's been happening to me real?  Or am I just loosing my mind?"  I dropped the questions and just went to sleep because I don't worry anymore!  This morning I was still exhausted even though I'd slept well.  Over coffee I had a few emotional flashbacks as I recalled a recent conversation with a friend, feelings that I would have felt before ascending.  But the feelings were feint and fleeting, like an echo.  That's when I was certain I was going through a defrag and an upgrading of all my circuit to handle the higher frequencies, and open up archived files so I can now access the information. 

The other synchronicity was that while all this was occurring we had really high winds over night and the power went out.  The power was out all day today, before being restored just as the sun went down.    Shortly after the power came back on at my house, my recalibration process started to wind down and I was able to close my eyes and connect on-line, so to speak.

This is the third time I've experienced my body and mind going into systems down for maintenance, recalibration and reboot.  This actually happens to us all quite routinely as we progress along the path.  It's just much more prominent and experience after ascending.  There are a couple of things I notice about this process worth sharing.  The intensity seems greatest the first time and has lessened a bit each time it happens.  Or perhaps I'm just more familiar and have greater understanding of what's taking place now.  Another is that the baseline state I'm in during each successive recalibration period is increasingly more elevated.  The first time it occurred, I was for 48 hours back in pre-ascension body and mind.  The second time I retained a level of experiencing myself as unified with my Soul Self, which increased this third time.  It's a process, a new process I'm discovering.  While I'm curious as to how this will unfold going forward, I know my Soul Self me guides the expansion process and knows exactly what it's doing.  No worries there.

There are immense changes that occur at every level, in the body, mind, and emotions, as we ascend.  The magnitude of this is huge.  So it's an ongoing, continual process.  Much occurs in our DNA in every cell in out bodies as formerly dormant capacities get switched on and activated.  Kryon's book The Twelve Layers of DNA has excellent information about this.

One last thing I want to share in this post. While I was running errands I had a most beautiful experience in the check out line of Target while buying raw hide bones for my dogs.  The cashier, an older gentle man, was smiling and softly singing to himself in between inquiring whether I'd found everything I was looking for and did I want a Target charge card.  I couldn't quite make out his lyrics.  "Oh, how lovely, I didn't expect to be serenaded while shopping!" I told him.  He smiled, nodded and continued singing.  As I finished paying I heard the next line of his song, "Oh, the love in my heart!"  And my entire being, body and field lit up with enough light to light up the entire store. I was electrified with love and light.  "I love you too.  May you have the most beautiful day."