Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Those Who Came to Assist; A Short Exploration

A friend posed a couple of questions the other day and I offered to share my thoughts at this point in time. Tomorrow or next week I may have a deeper understanding.

I wonder why some Lightworkers hate or fear fellow lightworkers? Is it envy? Is it misunderstanding? Is it some lightworkers are more "street smart"? Or what? Most Indigo people (children or adults) are here as system busters...yet many Lightworkers resent hate or accuse the Indigos of being too negative .....why is this?

Pondering these questions broadens my understanding, for which I am always grateful. I'm going to just write out my thoughts and hopefully answer the questions in the mean time. Won't surprise me if it raises more questions. But that can be a good thing.

We in the 3-D world, function cognitively by naming, defining, and categorizing. That's how we think within the limitations of 3-D existance. We're all in the process of working to uncover who we really are, and extra significance is often placed on who's in what group. Definitions first.

Lightworker - A person incarnated here on Earth in this lifetime who assists in raising the vibration of the planet, the awakening and expansion of people, and ushering in the shift of the planet and those sufficiently expanded from 3-D old Earth to 4-D New Earth. Lightworkers feel a sense of mission as well as great caring for Earth and all inhabitants on the planet. Most Lightworkers have strong intuitive abilities. Most arrived on the planet as Lightworkers. These individuals entered with the capability to raise their vibration, and assemble and activate DNA. A growing number of awakened and expanding individuals are becoming Lightworkers during this lifetime.

Indigo Person (child or adult) - The term "Indigo Children" was first coined by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober in 1999 to describe a new type of child, who parents and educators recognized as different. If you follow the Indigo Children link and page down, you'll see a list of attributes. Generally, these children are, from a young age, very intelligent and highly autonomous. They question and rebel against rote authority and rules that serve no purpose. They're very activist in nature. The name Indigo has nothing to do with the color of their aura, though there a many misperceptions about this. Indigos started arriving in large numbers roughly 18 - 20 years ago, though there are also Indigos who are now well into their adult years. Increasingly, they are coming into the planet with more than two stands of DNA assembled and activated.

Light - Love and Knowledge

Love - The universal force of Creation and Destruction

From my perspective, Indigo Children are Lightworkers. However not all Lightworkers are Indigos. In shifting the energies on Earth and raising the vibration, many types of assistance are needed. It is perhaps best to look at types of energies, rather than categories of people, as they really appear across a spectrum. In order to accomplish this grand mission, we need many types of energies operating. We need healers and activists, visionaries and implementers, whistleblowers and teachers, angels and spiritual warriors. If you think about those who are here to assist, you can see that most are a blend of a few of these traits. Earlier arriving Lightworkers tended towards a mix of healer/teacher/visionary. As we've progressed closer to Ascending more of the activist/whistleblower/spiritual warriors arrived. Their arrival is a gift because their level of vibration tipped the scale ensuring that we will Ascend. It was questionable whether we would make it prior to their arrival here.

As for the lack of acceptance by some Lightworkers for the more rebellious/activist Indigos, I think there are a number of factors to take into consideration. We must remember that all come to the planet with the veil of forgetfulness. Lightworkers are not exempt from this. They have to go through the process of awakening and expanding, just as everyone else who will be Ascending. All who came to assist come pre-programed to awaken at a particular point in their life. Some Lightworkers awaken earlier and some later.

Just as all come in veiled, all have to go through the process of expansion. Expansion involves much clearing of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. It does not happen in one big Ah-Ha moment, rather it unfolds gradually over a number of years. Our bodies could not handle fast activation of the dormant DNA strands, it would kill us to rise so quickly in vibration, so it goes slowly. At the physical level, one can assist by detoxifying and fortifying the body with organic foods and exercise. Even then, it usually causes a variety of symptoms, for some as extreme as very debilitating, yet undiagnosed illnesses. The clearing at the mental and emotional level also takes time. In order to Ascend, all unresolved emotions from life experiences must be resolved and released so as to remove all karma which wold keep the person tied to this planet. At the mental level, again there is an unfolding of expansion of awareness and widening of perceptions.

The process of expansion happens steadily, but it's not a smooth process and there is not one particular order in which the different steps takes place. The one aspect that tends to start early and continue is the coming up of unresolved issues to examine, resolve and release.

I know a few people whose perception about the world around them expanded very quickly a few years ago. They understand all about the Illuminati and One World Order. They prepared diligently and thoroughly for earth changes and every kind of disruption. Then their intuitive awareness started to expand. But they have not yet opened to understanding their connection to source. I know others who have a strong connection to spirit and the natural world. They're immensely knowledgeable about the interdependence of the plant and animal world and keenly aware that their actions affect everything. They are only just recently becoming aware about the secret government and the collapsing of our systems.

My process started with a total shake up of my life for a year and a half, then a five week period of issues surfacing one after another after another, with almost no sleep. After that my awareness about the systems collapse and secret government emerged, followed by the sudden onset of a strange, painful and totally debilitating illness as the physical expansion started. Since the beginning of this year, my understanding of things like our interconnection and resolution of duality have evolved steadily.

All of us are still somewhere in the process of expansion. We haven't finished yet. And to top it off, most people don't yet fully understand what's happening and where we're going in this shift. That understanding is still coming together. At least it is for me and others I observe.

So in regards to the question of why many Lightworkers aren't accepting of Indigo energies, I believe it's because they haven't yet gotten through to the place where they understand enough about this great shift to recognize the valuable and necessary role that the Indigo people came here to play.

This reasoning applies to true Lightworkers. However, there are also a sizable number of people who are all into the "New Age" movement and think they are Lightworkers, when they are not. These are the people who follow the New Age genre, in the same way the Baptists here in the Bible Belt follow the church. There's the same "following" of one or more gurus, looking to others to be saved, whether it's "the Universe" or the ETs. They describe anything they don't like as "lower vibrating" and have the perception that 12/21/2012 is going to arrive like the biggest party they've ever attended. With fireworks and everything. They're going to be disappointed because the "New Age" movement is going to go down just like the churches will.

So the short answer to your question is that for true Lightworkers, any dislike or nonacceptance arises out of misunderstanding due to the limitations of their partially expanded state. For the wonna be lightworkers, they just don't get it.

It's important for us all to be understanding of each other as we move through the expansion process. It's not an easy process in any regard. There's no good or bad about how fast or slow, or who started first. What's required is that a person must progress enough to understand the keys to Ascending before the window to Ascend closes. If one develops to the level of understanding and awareness that are Key to Ascending, their DNA will have assembled and activated sufficiently to enable them to Ascend. Some of the most evolved beings here on the planet have only recently begun to expand. They've been hidden from themselves and everyone else, tucked away in remote locations or in very obscure life situations in plain view. The timing of expansion is in relation to the mission a person has agreed at the soul level to undertake. Each and every mission is vital to our success. We are all equally important.