Friday, April 30, 2010

I Am working on the next post

Going a bit slow today. A massive amount of new highly vibrating energy has been coming in over the last few days. I really felt it two days ago, with an immense surge and a number of new doors opening simultaneously, both within me and in my outer world. Big doors. As a result, I've been dragging a bit yesterday and today as the new energy settles in and my body and mind adjust. Spirit is always in tune and so it's monitoring this process. (Much gratitude :))

It's taking me a bit longer this morning because my mind keep wandering off exploring the new open spaces and not wanting to focus on the task at hand. Bit by bit, paragraph by will all come together when it's meant to, hopefully today. That's just the way things happen, when they're meant to.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Changing Our Wallpaper By a Leap Of Faith

There are many patterns in our lives. Patterns of behavior, patterns of thinking. They repeat around us like the patterns in fabric and wallpaper. The wallpaper of our lives. Block print, floral print, geometric. Over time, they grow stale with age and peel along the edges, finger prints along the door frames and around light switches. Aging until we strip the walls bare and sit quietly alone in the room. Quiet in the empty blankness and wait, listening for our heart within. It's after this solitude, after sitting in the emptiness, that we come to know what new color or pattern reflects who we are now. Only then can we decorate our life in ways that speak from the soul.

The scary part can be allowing the silence in. It's the leap of faith. Holding in the moments when you're suspended in mid-air, unsure where you'll land. The period of free fall are unnerving. My experience has been that where I land is always much better then the place I took off from. In hindsight, it was worth taking the leap of faith.

The moments of free fall, of solitude are an ending and a beginning. It's from the choice to allow emptiness to fill us that change happens. An act of loving Self. The love is both the destruction of the old and creation of the new. Joy arrives as the new collor fils the walls of our world we dance in. Our reflected soul life manifesting as our surrounding reality.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Free Will to Choose Solutions as a Response

I'll never forget the night I really understood that I have the ability to choose. This was 25 years ago and I'd just started attending the Center For Study of Human Systems. It was like the flood gate opened. I'd never really thought about it before. I had the ability to choose what I did, how I responded to those around me, and how I interpreted the world around me. My head tumbled through so many situations and events in my life seeing over and over again that there had been other possibilities I'd not seen. It was late at night, I was tired and needing to sleep, but my mind couldn't stop reexamining both my past and the present just before me. The whole world was suddenly different.

So as not to be misinterpreted, I was not some Polly Anna compliant child. Independence was a strong value I absorbed in my family. I went after things I wanted, particular things I wanted to learn and do, many of them a bit out of the ordinary. I point this out to show that even though I was used to making some strong choices, I still didn't recognize or understand that I had choices at every given moment. Observation has since led me to believe that not many of us do.

We are all born into and brought up within some form of family system. Every system has a way of operating, whether it's a family, a small business, a city, a multinational corporation, or a nation. The same dynamics operate in all of them. Systems as they develop, form patterns of operation, rules for the components to follow, both spoken and unspoken, roles are defined and filled by the various components, communications patterns form about what gets expressed and how, and what does not get expressed. We are all components in multiple systems, even though this most often is not consciously realized. I'd go as far as saying that for the most part, people aren't that consciously aware of the roles they play, the communication patterns they follow, or that they are following the unspoken rules. We grow up learning that this is the way things are and doing what we think we're supposed to do.

Because we enter into already established systems, whether functional or dysfunctional, for the most part, we do so without recognizing and understanding that at each moment we have the ability to make choices. This is our right to Free Will. It is our birth right here on the planet. A Universal Law. So one could correctly say it is Divinely given.

There is one very, very important caveat to the law of Free Will, while we each have the right to choose for our self, we must do so without imposing our will or infringing on the Free Will of another. Kind of like "First, do no harm" It requires awareness of how our actions affect those around us, perhaps even those far away. Violations of this caveat are rampant. Further explanation is not necessary. You can see it all around you and know immediately when someone is denying you your right. Without a doubt, taking another person's life is the most severe violation of all.

In situations where someone is imposing their will upon us and infringing on our right to Free Will, we each have choices as to how we respond. Most people see only two of the choices. Either submit and be run over, or stand up and fight back. There is, however, at least one other choice available. There may be more; I know some things, but far from everything. For me it took many years and some extremely challenging life circumstance before I recognized a third option available in situations where someone was imposing their will upon me. This other choice is to refuse to play the game, to walk away and live the way you want to without them at all.

Assessing our current circumstances with the dark forces, (however you want to call them - Illuminati/Bilderberg/PowersThatBe/International Criminal Banking Syndicate), when we collectively stop playing their game things will shift immediately. If everyone does something in this regard, it will initiate change. Two ways this can be done. First, choose where and on what you spend your money. If people stop buying their products, they will either go out of business or change what they produce. Second, withdraw your labor for their enterprises. If everyone stops working for the defense contractors, the military, the corporations making toxic products or using unscrupulous practices, they will lose their power to act. It's basically a shift in energy, when enough people withdraw their energy in the form of money and labor, the dark forces will evaporate like the Wicked Witch of the West from a bucket of water.

Anyway, It's a thought :) There are only six degrees, or less, of separation between each of us (by this I mean all six billion). The power of multiplying communication exponentially is huge. It can start by each person telling three friends, and on and on.

There's a last observation worth sharing in this post. That is, the number of those aware is growing quickly, there are some blessed angels among us who've had the courage, dedication, and discipline to gather real news, sound the alarms and inform people about what is going on. None of us like the dark forces' endeavors at all. (Not ot deny that they are serving a purpose) I firmly believe that the forces of Light are stronger and that the Original Creator is really overseeing all. At the same time, the Ascension is about us realizing our Divinity and our power to create what is for the highest good of each and all. We have the Free Will to create solutions and change. It's our choice and it's really time to do this now.

Much more on the subject of solutions to come. For now and always,

May the Light Forces be with you!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When It's More Convenient

When it's more convenient, I am going to Egypt to see the pyramids, preferably without a big group and lots of tourists. I want to feel again what it's like to be inside the King's Chamber and allow the memories of that time to return. I'll locate the library in Alexandria and shed a tear for the books we lost in the fire, send gratitude for those we saved, and find comfort in the knowing that nothing is ever really lost.

When it's more convenient, I'll return to Haleakala at sunrise, alone and without the distraction of a shallow husband. Haleakala. The House of the Gods. I'll feel the majesty surround and permeate my body, mind, and soul. And remember all we came here to do in this glorious Now we're in the midst of.

When it's more convenient, I'll return to Stonehenge and be thankful that when I first experienced it, no fences or barriers prevented me from walking freely among the stones, touching them, climbing on top. I'll remember how, as with the pyramids, we all came together and used our concentrated energy to alter the gravitational forces so the stones could be lifted and placed where they remain, and be grateful that the true powers are being rediscovered.

When it's more convenient, I'll sit on the beach at the edge of the surf as the sun rises. I'll send out my gratitude for all that this planet is, the magic and mystery of its interdependent and interconnected plants and elements, species and Man. This place where emotions dwell, imbuing all with meaning. This place of all possibilities, so taken for granted, yet slowly the recognition grows day by day, person by person. I'll send my gratitude and relief to the sunrise.

When it's more convenient, I'll write my thoughts, my wishes, and my wisdom on little sticky notes then I'll fly high up in the air, scattering them all around and see who they stick on, then watch for change and the awakening to unfold.

Now is a very convenient time for all these things. Now is a very convenient time to realize our dreams.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Preparation in the Moments Before Final Accelleration

Over the past few days I've felt the energy streaming into the planet ramp up exponentially. Restlessness, difficulty focusing, and unusual disruption of sleep are the main symptoms I'm feeling. Many of us sense that the waves of earth changes have only just begun and will now increase in intensity. Gaia has absorbed over the millennium so much of the fears, doubts, and destructive thoughts we earth inhabitants have spewed out relentlessly. This lower vibrating energy she needs to release now, cleanse and heal, as she absorbs the higher Heart level energies pouring in. Ascension was promised to her from the beginning.

As more and more of the Light Forces enter in and flourish in our hearts and ways of being, the Dark Forces contract and become increasingly concentrated. Less diffuse, the Dark Forces become more visible to all. They are illuminated and stand out in contrast to the higher vibrating Light Forces. They are also becoming more vicious in their efforts to control as they struggle to maintain their existence.

As so many of us are aware, many are leaving the planet now. Their numbers will increase as earth changes, war and dis-ease provide the vehicles for their departure. They have chosen this, either prior to their incarnation or during. In leaving the physical plane they will take their place to assist from other levels and dimensions.

All is as Divinely planned. The great Transition occurs on all levels. This is important for each of us to recognize. Even as we gain understanding of what is taking place at higher levels, we are still incarnate being living in the physical material plane. We are not exempt from experiencing the Transition at the physical level. There will be great, inescapable sadness and loss. There will be immense challenges. It is all just around the corner. Many cloak their minds in denial and the false belief that in expanding, they no longer need concern themselves with anything "negative". It is best that we each recognize that challenges and loss are part of the Transition and prepare ourselves. These challenges and losses are the opportunity to experience our Godly power of creativity, to affirm our strength, and deepen our knowing of the Divine eternal flame within. Love is the force of both creation and destruction.

Another aspect playing out in the physical conflict of Dark and Light Forces is our awareness of our God given right to Free Will. It is our birth right here as incarnate beings on Earth. We are being given the opportunity to see and experience the importance of this Universal Law, our right to choose. We each have the right to Free Will, provided that we never infringe upon another's Free Will. Many violations of this law occur. On the global level, many are now standing up against the Dark Forces operating in our governments to claim their right to free will. From a soul level, it's vital in each soul's progression that they claim their right to Free Will and stand up against infringement and violation of this Universal Law. It is vital that each of claim and exercise this divine right. By ignoring the violations by individuals or by our governments, who we chose and allow to represent us, we are allowing and accepting the incursions upon our free will. Standing up can be done by either fighting back, which many will chose to do in the form of revolution. Or it can be done by refusing to acquiesce to those who infringe upon our right. We can walk away and refuse to play the game. Each of us has the right to chose how they wish to respond. That is our Free Will in operation.

Gradually we are coming together to anchor in the light and create a new energy framework for the planet. Coming together should be focus for us now. Seek out others, particularly in your own small communities. We have all been guided to move closer together physically, and our job now is to affirmatively seek each other out and make the connections without delay.

Guidance comes to us from many sources throughout the Universe. Little known are the Keepers who have been actively awakening and guiding us as they work from higher levels. There are Keepers incarnate on the planet who are now coming forth. They number about 2000, and have lived lives of relative seclusion hidden away in mountain caves, deep forests, as well as in plain site. They came into life on the planet prepared to guide and assist in this most active phase of the Expansion. Most people will not recognize them for who they are at this time. Some of the Keepers may themselves not be conscious of who they are at present, but that awareness will unfold. They are doing their work regardless. As we progress forward the Keepers among us will become known. The Keepers of the Crystals will activate the final changes for the transition to Lightbody and will open the portals for the Ascension. The Keepers of Earth guide and coordinate the Light Workers throughout the planet.

We are in the final moments of preparation before the most tumultuous phase leading up to the shift. The last big breath before diving in. Today I share with you this reminder to myself. Savor each glorious day, each moment of tranquility, and cherish the splendor and mystery of the natural world living in interconnected harmony all around us. Open our hearts wide. Acknowledge each within ourselves our strength and courage. And place ourselves each moment in the vibration of Love. God speed!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gifting Children

Two children
Crouch in sand at water's ebbing edge,
Silhouettes and sparkle.
Perfect bodies
So small amid wide gold, blue, white shimmer.
Their babble scatters on the wind,
Like dust flecked across the sunlight.
Head bent, intent,
Digging for the perfect shell
She offers him on sandy outstretched palm.

At dusk in a back garden
They fly in whirling abundance.
Tag and song and innocence,
The children's laughter
Peels above the darkening grass,
Weaving through the leaves.
Movement calling forth the moon.
Dancing with the firefly
He offers her on smooth outstretched palm.

In soft vertical snowfall
The children walk,
Bundled and booted.
Steady, even child paces paired,
Quiet in gray, white, and branches.
A song of intuition, of knowing,
Moves unseen between the stillness.
As silently they pause and trade
Two snowflakes tongue to tongue.

Two children journeying.
Within the other
They recognize such similar scars,
Such similarly born strengths.
A globe of radiant wonder
Floats between them,
Riding on the interchange.
Theirs is a mutuality of healing.
Each accepting gifts
Offered on a kindred soul's outstretched palm.

Oh, will they ever,
Can they ever fully comprehend
Those married forces of Moon and Fate
That pull the tide and days and winds
Over them, rhythm, onwardly threading.
Drawing lives together, drawing them apart,
Moon and Fate drawing up the blanket
To tuck them in at night.

Copyright © 2009 by Helen Sumerwell All rights reserved

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Paying Attention

Gradually over a good number of years I've had this ever deepening longing to connect to something I've not been able to describe clearly. Though it's finally becoming clearer to me now. At first it was like a feint whisper that grew slowly and steadily year after year. What I'm longing for has the quality of a dream I just don't quite remember. The something I yearned to connect with, intuitively felt to be a vast level of information that I am certain I've had free access to before, I just don't quite remember how to connect to it. Does this feel at all familiar to you?

I understand now that as my longing grew, I've moved closer and closer to connecting. Actually I realize that my connection has been there all along, just the level of connection has been increasing, strengthening. Over this last year I've recognized that what I've been yearning for is my connection to Source, my Higher Self, or the Universal Mind. Which are really all the same thing. My friend, Julia, has a really nice post on her blog Cosmic Calabash about connecting to Source through the heart.

My intuition has always been very strong, it's just that I've yearned for even more. I've been clairsentient for as long as I remember, despite the fact that I didn't understand I was until about 5 years ago. I had just assumed that everyone understood what others were feeling as I did. It was so easy. I did find it a bit confusing when others didn't get what someone was going through. Once I understood that not everyone had this ability, interactions among people made much more sense to me. In many ways, being clairsentient allows me to read people's minds.

One of the really wonderful aspects of this great transition we are going through, is that we are all opening up. Our sensitivities and levels of awareness are developing and strengthening as we each connect to our inner knowing.

What I'm trying to remember is how I connect in a way that allows me access to any information I desire, retrieve what I need, when I need it. I'm certain I've known how to do this before in other incarnations. In reading Anastasia and the other books in the Ringing Cedars series (I'm on book 4 now), you get a really good picture of this ability, as well as the understanding that this is how we are meant to be. Anastasia is a very good role model of what expanded consciousness is. As you read about her, you see what we are all capable of and understand the direction we're moving towards.

About a week ago, as I was looking for something totally unrelated, I clicked on a link about Universal Mind, which then led me to Remote Viewing. What a coincidence! Don't you love the way this happens? I did a fair bit of reading about the protocols used in Remote Viewing, which was developed by Stanford Research Institute under Department of Defense funding of the Stargate Project to provide the US military with reliable methods to train anyone to be accurate in gathering information from the Universal Mind. The Farsight Institute is a nonprofit research organization which offers a lot of training materials free of charge on their website. I read through their training manual the other night. Remote viewing uses very specific procedures. Most significant under the protocol is that the viewer is blind as to what the target is. My experience as I read through the manual was striking. I could not only see myself doing the steps defined, I could also feel in my body doing what was described in each step of the remote viewing procedures. It all felt very familiar.

Two drawbacks of using the Remote Viewing protocols are having to hide what it is I'm wanting information about behind randomly assigned numbers, and the fact that you have to search blindly through multiple dimensions picking up low definition aspects, then analyze them after the session to arrive at deductions. At the same time, there is a lot of valuable guidance in studying this technique, it's worth checking out.

My style has allows been to have information presented in an easily accessible and well organized form. Akashic Records came to mind. They fit my preference for organized information. Searching on Akashic Records led me last night to a very nice guided mediation that leads you up to and inside the Hall of Records. I'll be going there today once the dogs take their nap and I can travel undisturbed.

Developing skills takes practice. Seems to me that understanding and developing our expanding consciousness requires two things. First, just allowing the changes to unfold within us. That's the flower opening within our hearts. Reactivation of our deactivated strands of DNA. Raising your vibration. It can not be forced. The other aspect is paying attention and practicing in ways that tune our conscious mind to listen, see, and feel with our inner senses. Paying attention is perhaps one of the most important things we can do now.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gambling With Unsparing Change

Loose change
Spare change
On a dime
My two cents
Pocket change
Make a bet
Are all the lessons ever ours for free?

Full house
House of cards
Queen of Hearts
In spades
Joker's wild
Deuce coupe
Did that Knave steal a heart from me?

See you
Raise you
Diamonds trump
Winning suit
Play my card
Shoot the moon
Tomorrow, who shall I decide to be?

Copyright © 2010 by Helen Sumerwell All rights reserved

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Night Birds' Song

I was in one of those phases when sleep evades my grasp each night at 2:30 am. It had been going on for days, this ritual of nightly waking. Tossing and turning is not my style, so I'd rise, heat water for tea, and take my seat at the table on the porch. The porch was where I lived. The table was my kitchen table, desk, and coffee table rolled into one.

As I sat pondering the stars and musing over whatever thoughts passed through my head in the wee hours, it became my magic time. Then one night I noticed all the birds were singing. A wild symphonic choral performing in this out of place hour. There are often times I'll hear the birds singing in the moment just before the sun rises, but this was the depths of the night.

I watched and listened. The next night they sang again. This time I went inside after a few minutes and occupied myself on the computer. When I listened the birds were silent. As I stepped back onto the porch, they erupted back into song. And then I knew. All the birds were singing just for me. They sang a song of our power to touch the world all around us by simply stepping out and being present.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Holding Hands

Oh what love, holding my daughter's hand, so small within mine. She always accepted my hand. Not like so many children who find the game in running just out of reach. No, she always took mine. She continued to do so even as she grew past the age that it was required for her safety. How big a gift could one person give as that?

There was a period in her middle years when I let go of her hand often when we walked together, until finally she asked me why. Doing so had not been conscious on my part and to learn of my reflexive action erupted such sadness and the horror that I'd give such a strong message counter to my heart. It was a difficult span of years, not with her, but my discovery that I couldn't reach my husband within the marriage in which I'd placed such hope. Perhaps it was my deep feelings of unworthiness and unlovableness that led me to drop her hand, as if even she couldn't possibly love me.

It still makes me sad, fills me with regret to think that I could have dropped her small hand when we walked back in that time. Yet there is solace now. Even though she is grown and on the threshold of starting her own family, she will let me take her hand when we walk out together.

How many images and words and expressions are contained in this simple act of holding my daughter's hand, and her mine. It is our statement to the world. It is our quiet agreement, our magic created out of the string of days and years we've walked through together.

Bathing in the Showers of Light

Highly vibrating energy streams down upon the planet now. Showering all around us, within us. Like fireworks in reverse, the golden energy shouts down towards us, then disperses into a shower of light fragments. Like "Faerie Dust" Karen Bishop so accurately described it in her most recent post on Emerging Earth Angels. Do you notice it? Feel it moving all around and within you? Experience the Light changing everything on every level of awareness?

As these higher vibrations permeate through everything, it's shaking up anything dark within us - fear, anger, pain, disapointment, desperation, judgment.... Like beating the carpet of our interior, clearing out any dark impurities in our thoughts, emotions, and body, so that we may release these energies we no longer need or want to hold in our being. It's happening both within us and around us on the global stage. The light forces illuminating and exposing the darkness that has controlled our world by illusion for so very long. As the Light Force moves in and expands, the dark energies have less space to occupy. They are becoming more concentrated as they evaporate. They're struggling desperately and in vain to hold their grip, but it's slipping rapidly. They can no longer hide behind secrets, lies, and illusion as more and more people wake up and see through the illusions to the Truth.

On a physical level, I feel great change happening in my body. Standing and walking I feel a strength, power, and groundedness I've not felt as strongly as I do now. My posture now is naturally so erect, yet at ease. It feels as if I'm larger and so much more fully present in my body. Sometimes my foot cramps up uncontrollably, then it passes. A couple of people I know have reported this same occurrence in the past few weeks, a side effect of our taking in this strong, highly vibrating energy and helping to anchor it into the Earth.

Alternating with the expanding sense of power, is tiredness. I'm finding that most days I need to take a nap. Even if I'm not super tired, I fall asleep instantly the moment I lie down and sleep so very deeply. Yet even the tiredness has a pleasantness to it. I experience it as a deep contentment, a relaxing in, and an exceedingly deep relief, as if finally after such a long wait everything is becoming as it should have been all along.

At the emotional level, in the past few days a situation arose with someone I know that echos and mirrors a painful dynamic from my childhood with my mother that took a long time and much effort to work through. The situation presented it's self almost like a test for me to see whether I had really worked through the issue from my upbringing. It was also very mild and I see this recent situation as a rising up of the last dusty remnants of the hurt and anguish and disappointment I'd worked through over the relationship with my mother. It's also been extremely easy to let go of, something I no longer need or want. At the same time, my feelings of joy, contentment, gratitude, peace, and deep appreciation for every singe thing swell and swell within me. Happiness and love expanding within me to levels I've never experienced before. At least not in this lifetime till now. It's all so awesome. This morning I've been so filled with awe that I'd be quite content to just sit quietly throughout the day and simply revel in joy and wonder.

All really is in Divine Order.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Stone Soup...Or a Lesson in Trusting the Process

The invitation said, "Come to my house on Saturday at 2:00. Bring a raw food item. Don't talk to any of the other class members about the food you're bringing." She wouldn't answer any questions about what sort of food or how much to bring. This was actually an assignment for one of my classes at the Center For the Study of Human Systems, to take part in our classmate's Culminating Project, a requirement for her Associate Certificate.

We gathered in her living room at the designated time. I seem to remember bringing a bag of green peppers. "Now", she said, "Let's go around the room and each person say what they've brought." Bananas, onions, chicken, green pepper, potatoes, chocolate chips, carrots, ginger, lettuce, corn, marshmallows, green beans, mushrooms, cheese. "I wanted in my project to create a lesson in trusting the process. It's been a big lesson for me already because I've had no idea whether this would work. But here you all are and you've all brought food. Now you're going to make dinner. So figure out what you can make with what you've brought. There are staples like flour, sugar, rice, as well as an assortment of condiments in the kitchen that you can help yourself to. Drinks are on the kitchen table."

None of us had known what to expect when we selected a food to bring. It took a minute to grok what this was about. Then we rather quickly formed in small groups with others whose ingredient went together to form a dish. In my group were chicken, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, ginger. We decided to make an Asian chicken stir-fry, or did we bake it. We concocted some sort of marinade from soy sauce, white wine from the drinks table, ginger and whatever else we located from the condiment shelf that made it taste good.

There was no overall coordination by anyone and I wasn't paying too much attention to the other groups that formed. Don't recall that anyone was. We just focused on cooking our contribution towards dinner. Early in our preparations a couple of requests came in from one or two of the other small groups for part of an onion or two carrots. We coordinated use of the stove, oven, and cooking implements among the groups with little effort. It all flowed. None of us had any idea whether our dishes would compliment each other, we weren't really sure what anyone else was making. We had fun, there was a lot of laughter.

I remember it was a warm, sunny June afternoon. There was a very pleasant patio and back garden off the kitchen with a big hammock strung between two trees. During a break from cooking I rocked in the hammock with a glass of wine and chatted with one of my colleagues.

Finally everyone was ready and we spread the dishes out on the patio table. There was my group's Ginger chicken with vegetables, a big mixed salad of lettuce and steamed vegetables, stuffed baked potatoes with onions and melted cheese, corn on the cob roasted on the grill. And for dessert, bananas baked with melted marshmallows and chocolate chips. We'd had just the right amount of each food to prepare the meal for all of us. A fabulous meal from start to finish. A feast!

I've always been grateful to my colleague for creating this experience. The richness of learning from that afternoon stays with me. When we trust the process, everything we need comes together. We have the creativity to provide for ourselves when we all participate. Everyone has something valuable to contribute. Magic happens when we let go of knowing and trying to control what the end result should be. Trust, what it feel like and how it changes everything. I'm certain other aspects of learning from this experience will reemerge in my conscious awareness after I post this. You could always try this with some friends and experience it yourself, then harvest your own wisdom from the experience. I can just about promise that, at a minimum, you'll have a great dinner. Then again we are just now entering the time when this is the way we'll be doing everything.

Enjoy each moment of your life!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Huge and Powerful Gift We Rarely Acknowledge

I'm going to tell a story today. I had a very dear friend, one of the best friends I've ever known, who taught me something immensely valuable during our friendship, though I didn't realize it until after she had left the planet.

Priscilla was there with me during some very challenging transitions in my life, and I in hers. When I first got to know her I was ending a marriage, moving, and soon thereafter starting a new career and business of my own. Throughout all the changes and much personal growth she was there for me. And she knew she could always count on me to be there for her too. I can say this because she told me so herself. She was really good at being a friend. I valued all she brought into my life. I valued our camaraderie.

Early in my new career, while attending a training session, I met a very impressive and senior person in the field. He was one of the presenters and I had gone up afterward to ask him for clarification on something he'd spoken about. He was very cordial and invited me to call him if I was ever in his city (it was nearby) and we could have lunch. Of course I told Priscilla about that evening and the invitation. And sometime thereafter, I contacted him and we scheduled lunch. Now this was really quite a gutsy thing to do, for someone entering the field to call him about having lunch, given his position and the decorum practiced throughout the field.

The day before the lunch date, Priscilla and I chatted about it. I was nervous. Now Priscilla was a very gifted intuitive, and sometimes she'd come out with some word of guidance that I could tell was through her guides, the White Brotherhood. As we were talking that day she said, "He is going to give you something huge." Despite my repeated pleas for more details, she wouldn't say any more, just, "It's huge." Lunch was very pleasant. Over the next few years we had lunch perhaps two other times. I forgot about what she'd said. On a few occasions I felt comfortable contacting him for guidance on a difficult business situation. He made time for me and was very supportive. This meant a lot to me, especially as it was not an easy field in which to build a business on your own and few people in his position would take the time to offer guidance as he did for me.

Unexpectedly, Priscilla became ill and she passed over within a few days. Her passing was a very difficult adjustment for me. She'd been such a big part of my day to day life and suddenly there was only a big hole and an empty silence.

During the process of grieving, of identifying exactly what I had lost, I came to see the enormous gift Priscilla had given me. My recognition came out of sensing what was no longer there. I saw then that I had also received this same gift from the senior professional in my field. It was something I had not really understood the significance of before. This is the gift. She believed in me.

Feeling the strength of her belief in me, had given me confidence to overcome my doubts. It gave me courage to go for what I wanted, even against great odds. It helped me find strength to do what I believed in.

We came here to experience and to learn from our experiences. What we learn experientially, we really know and understand. We know it in our minds, our hearts, our body. Our culture puts little focus on identifying what we've learned from our experiences, which is sad and unfortunate because that is where such wisdom lies. I'm certain that I could never have comprehended just how powerful a gift believing in someone is, had I simply been told me it was so. Even though I was experiencing something that felt so good and was so important to me, it was only once I really searched through what I'd experienced that I was able to clearly identify what it was.

I share my experience here in this post with the intent that doing so might remind you of an experience you've had where someone believed in you, and it changed your life. And with the hope that in recollecting your experience you might get in touch with your inner knowing of just how huge and powerful a gift believing in someone is. The power of this gift is not one that we give much notice to in our society, yet think about it's magnitude when it's multiplied exponentially.

May the Light be with you!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Earth Movement and Your Power

Deep within the Earth she is moving, shifting. Our planet is not some dry clump of earth. She has a soul, Gaia. Gaia is cleaning house now. Moving, clearing, tossing out all the clutter and filth we have cast on her for all these millenia. Releasing and clearing all the anger, pain, judgment and fear we strewn across and with her with our thoughts and emotions. How cold she be expected to contain it all? All the war and suffering, all the harmful and unnatural chemicals, all the concrete and paving, all the all the electrical and sound frequencies we emit and channel through overhead and underground wires and through our atmosphere? Contain all the angry and judgmental thoughts and feelings we humans have thrown out about us each minute, hour, day, and century.

So the movement just beginning comes about in her process of clearing out, and then absorbing the vibrations of love and appreciation radiating towards her from the cosmos and Source. Gratitude for all she has put up with from the students here in planet Earth Growth School.

Our sun, Ra, assists and shares Gaia's metamorphosis. He too has been so harmed by the ugliness we human have expressed. They work together now in a magnetic energy dance of rejuvenation. Have you felt it? If not, you will. We all will.

Their heaving movements can be lessened if we assist. They can be lessened if each of us, the many who are now aware, send our vibration of love outward to the Earth, Sun and Stars each day where it will rebound and rain back down upon us in showers of love. Love is the power of creation and destruction. This is so important to understand. Love is the power behind the cycles of evolving energy, matter and form.

Do you realize the power we individually and collectively hold? When we come together and jointly act in consciously using our power of creation and destruction, we have the power of Prime Creator. We have to power to deconstruct what harms all life here, what harms our home planet, deconstruct all that has been formed through our unaware thoughts and feeling causing harm across all dimensions. We have the power to create what supports our life and nurtures our souls. Every thought and feeling becomes manifest in someway.

You matter so much more than you realize. You are way more powerful than you have ever imagined. This same knowledge of power has been used against us to shut down our awareness of our own power and to enslave us within systems that abuse rather than support our existence on this planet. Now the tide is turning. These dark forces are losing now, they are in the death throws, grasping desperately to hold on to the power they have exerted over us. Hold this awareness of their demise. Be grateful for their passing, be grateful for their presence and all their actions, because they have given us the contrast that facilitates our understanding and appreciation of the Light forces. Their purpose has been served.

Now is the time to own your Free Will, your will to choose, your birthright. Own your sovereignty. Radiate all the love, appreciation and gratitude your heart can embody. Give your follow Sovereigns the respect and appreciation they deserve, you deserve, each and every one of us. Infringe not upon the Free Will of any other. Speak out together against injustice. Put not one single drop of your support towards the manifestations of the dark forces. Do not work for, buy products from, or support their militaries, their defense contractors, their corporations, their financial institutions, and their governments who do not represent us. All we have to do is walk away.

When we cease to acknowledge or support their presence in any way, they will disappear with such speed we will all be breathless with awe! And the songs of celebration will radiate outwards in every direction, at every level, through all dimensions.

May the Light be with you!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Communing and Preparing Your Vegetable Garden

Now is the time to prepare your vegetable garden if you haven't already done so. For many reasons, it will be very important in the months ahead that you have done so. You all know the nutritional importance of eating fresh, organically grown foods. There is also the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from knowing that the beautiful meal you're eating is one that you grew yourself, as well as a deep appreciation for nurturing yourself.

I recently came across some wonderful information about our relationship with plants while reading Anastasia by Vladimir Megre, valuable information worth sharing and passing on. Plants seeds hold immense amounts of universal intelligence. They carry the ability to read information from our bodies about our state of health and to tailor their fruits so that they provide us with the specific nutrients we need to overcome disease and balance our health. How cool is that? Your vegetables and fruits you grow can match themselves specifically to your individual needs! All that you have to do is provide them with information from your body through saliva and the touch of your hands and feet.

Here is Anastasia's advice or planting your garden:

While standing barefoot in the soil where you will be planting, hold the seeds under your tongue for at least nine minutes. Then hold the seed in the palm of your hand for about half a minute.

Open your hand and gently breathe on the seed, warming it with your breath. The seed will gain knowledge of everything that is within you.

Hold the seed on your open palm, presenting it to the celestial bodies. The seeds gain information from the sun, moon, and stars.

Dig the hole for the seed with your hands and feet, spit into the hole. Now plant the seed.

Do not water it until three days after planting so that you do not wash off the information from your body. You can water the soil before following this procedure and planting the seeds.

Plant in accordance with the lunar calendar.

While they are growing, communicate with them. Brush them gently with your hands, touching them at least once during the full moon.

This is the basic planting method. There's much additional guidance provided by Anastasia about the plants in your garden, building a house for bees, as well as a host of other topics, so I hardily recommend getting a copy of the book. The information is magical and will fill you with joy. Very worth reading.

Enjoy this time of new growth and rejuvenation. Each morning send your love out to the Sun, the Moon and all the stars. The poem I posted yesterday speaks to the meaning of this time.

May the Light be with you!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Reflected Heart

They say the outside reflects what is within.
I am waiting now for my heart to appear around me.
Such a simple thing,
This gift of reflection.
Only open our eyes,
Survey our surroundings,
Fathoms the depths of our soul.

I plant seeds in the soil of my being
With patience and gratitude.
Tend the seedlings,
Watch with expectancy for my garden to flourish.

What was once a barren, weed choked patch
Took so many days and months and years.
I pulled the weeds,
Loosened earth, shedding air and light
And openness into the dark loam.
Amendments added to nurture.
Many lifetimes' work.

Now, finally now
Spring comes, ample rain and beckoning sun.
Seedlings grow noticeably each day.
We are becoming who I AM,
Standing in the garden of the heart's reflection.

© 2010 by Helen Sumerwell. All rights reserved.

What is Light?

Here we are, well on our way now towards expansion into Light and our ascension into the Forth Dimension. We are gradually and steadily transmuting to Lightbody.

All souls follow the spiral path towards Light. But do you really understand where you are headed in the journey towards Light? Have you ever asked yourself - What is Light?

This question came to me recently as I pondered where to begin in writing this blog when there is so much to share. It's a question I've not seen raised or addressed, although every book, article, web page and blog on the subject of the Ascension all use the word Light as a core, perhaps the core concept. Understanding what is meant by terms like expanding to light, ascending to light, filling yourself with light, being a Light Worker, key to following this path.

Webster's Dictionary online gives 66 definitions for the word "light". Light is a noun, a verb, an adjective, and an adverb. How many words are used in so many forms with so many different definitions? I'll leave the research on that question to someone else, but I doubt that there are many words with as many meanings and uses.

There is another definition for Light, not referenced in the dictionary definitions, that I found in the glossary of terms at the back of Atlantis Rising, by Patricia Corey, channeling the Sirian High Counsel. When I read it, it rang the vibration of Truth throughout my being.

Light: Knowledge and Love

Something important to grasp, yes?