Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sometimes We Just Don't Go That Deep

Despite moving like a pachinko ball from unrelated thought to thought. I feel like writing. Sometimes when you chart out the points, a pattern emerges. If by some chance an observable pattern emerges, I'll click the "Publish Post" button and you'll be reading this.

Last evening I read an article titled "Is the Iraq War Over?" by Michael Prysner, one of the Iraq war vets who's courageously speaking out the truth about the wars. It paints a very vivid picture of the freedom and democracy the United States spreads in the world. Our tax dollars at work. If I had the money Dick Chaney made off his Haliburton stock (held in blind trust during his term as Vice (apt adjective) President) as a result of the war contracts, I'd mail a copy of this article to every household in the US. Americans ought to know the result of their acquiescence and gullibility. War and violence has never made any sense to me at all. Wish this was a universal perspective. I try to remind myself that these war are the expression and release of negative emotions humans have transmitted to Gaia over many centuries.

Read on, two articles about the Gulf disaster. "Who killed the Gulf" and "How Has it Come to This?" I find it hard to reconcile that so many people seem so disinterested in the what's happening in Gulf of Mexico. Disappointed in humans, even while totally understanding all about the anesthetization of the American public, I'm still disappointed.

Last week I discovered Pepper Lewis, who channels Gaia. You can listen to a session she did here: Gaia Speaks on the Gulf Oil Spill. She provides an interesting observation that the Gulf oil spill is our opportunity at the collective humanity level to resolve the karma created by the destruction of Atlantis. Gaia notes that repairing the damage to the sea bed and halting the leaks is beyond our current level of technology. Obama will at some point have to start directly addressing the reality of the damage created by BP, first by calling on the top experts from nations all around the globe to convene, then turning to our friends in the Galactic community for assistance. Which will really change everything on the planet. Imagine... the government having to stop the charade and opening up the door to participation in the greater galactic community. Many people will have their conception of reality blown apart. It will bring about an enormous change in everything overnight.

Pepper Lewis wrote the last section of the book I just finished, Transition Now; Redefining Duality, 2012 and Beyond. I highly recommend the book. What I appreciate most is a big shift in the guidance coming through from our friends on other dimensions. They (and we) have moved past the "Wake up, many changes coming!" alerts, and the focus now is on ways we can facilitate the increase our inner awareness. The information coming through recently is so much more positive in outlook than what was provided a few years ago. This is an affirmation of our progress thus far. :)))

Total change in topic. Two days ago, as a lark, I created a facebook page for my dogs, Rohan and Simone. Turns out there are many Goldendoodles with their own facebook pages, and with great speed, Rohan and Simone are connecting with the larger Goldendoodle community. Their group of friends is growing. Rohan and Simone are also activists like me.

This morning I thought, What have I done??? Now in addition to checking my own emails and other communications each morning, I also have to handle all their correspondence and postings. It all feels very Deja Vu, the dogs taking on their own anthropomorphic life, and when I finally recall the situation this reminds me of, I'll update here. Perhaps Rohan N Simone may decide not to be all that active with their facebook page. Who knows ? Here's their profile picture (Rohan on the right, Simone the left)

This post isn't really going anywhere. I just have to face it that some days I'm not that deep. Some days we need to focus on the mundane, the chores and errands. It's often in the process of cleaning and sorting that we delve into a deeper level of understanding. I've got two subjects bubbling under the surface to explore here. So for now, I'll go run my errands, sweep my floors, bathe the dogs, and let things percolate for the next post.

Wishing us all a really productive day!