Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just In Case an R Steps in Front of Evolution

This past week when I stopped in the grocery store to pick up just one item, the weekly sales signs started drawing my attention. Before I knew it, I had a cart full of non-perishables. I take this as an intuitive sign it's time to review my food storage, replenish where needed, and augment as possible.

Speaking to the local coin dealer the other day, he indicated that lots of people are converting their dollars into silver. He said he could hardly keep up as people bought both liberty dollars and junk silver as fast as he could get it in. It's reassuring to know that an abundance of awakened souls reside in my near vicinity, even if I haven't gotten to know anyone well enough yet to talk about financial savings strategies.

As I'm writing I'm reminded of a Native American saying I came across many years ago. Though I've searched, I've never found it again, so this is as my memory recorded it:

First grind corn for yourself.
Then grind corn for your children and family.
Then grind corn for your uncles, aunts, and cousins.
And then grind corn for anyone who needs corn.

Wise words. Take care of yourself first, only then are you able to provide well for others.

James Gilliland has been posting video messages with greater frequency lately. I like him. He's right on target in regards to Truth, IMHO. Here's his video posted two days ago. Watching it gave me confirmation that my sense of timing is tuned. He shares in the video that around March 2011 the shift in consciousness will arrive at a turning point where people will start standing up. I've been sensing we have about three months of build up before people all over the globe coordinate their demand that the destructive governments, banksters and corporations end, to be replaced by systems that respect and protect all humans, animals and the planet. It's starting but not yet coordinated and organized. The corrupt, self-serving ways are no longer supported energetically here on the planet and they're dying out, though it's not looking like they'll acquiesce to a graceful death. Evolution expressed as revolution is more likely.

I'll hold out hope that some of the more underground efforts to force the Illuminati out of power will be successful. Yet most of the so-far accurate predictions I've read over the years, Phoenix Rising, Sirians, Pleadians, etc. predict a revolution of violence beyond what we can imagine. Web bots shared the same. Our collective actions always influence the outcomes, so I'll continue to hold out hope that extreme violence can be avoided.

However, preparation is advisable. I've not been through a revolution in this lifetime, nor lived in a country at war on it's own soil, though I certainly have genetic memory of having done so in past life times. Gathering together the facts and experiences I've read over the years in news articles, personal accounts, and historical fiction, there are generalizations we can make as to what will help in weathering through this part of the transition. Store food, take good care of yourself, avoid the big cities, and know your neighbors because they're your immediate support network.

There are two other steps I'm taking, volunteering with the local Red Cross on the team trained to manage logistics in an emergency, and obtaining a job with a local social service agency. There's an opening for a case manager working with the homeless. Very low pay, but if I'm hired, it will get me connected with the service network in this area, give me a front line view of what's happening, and allow me to assist others in these times. Being new in town, these are also among the best ways for me to meet good people in town.

The most important preparation of all for me is continuing my evolution. This is our opportunity to fully be Spirit, in action, in human form. I think back on how I felt when I first started preparing for what might come. At the time I might have said I didn't feel much fear, I sure hoped then that I wasn't fearful. Yet by comparison with how I feel now, I can see that I've really released a lot of fear about what's ahead. At present I feel like I'm on call, waiting and knowing my pager will soon go off. Calm, yet ready to spring into action when needed.

As James Gilliland reminds us, connect with your heart and go out in nature. We acquire so much wisdom and inner balance walking through the trees, listening to the ocean, gazing at the stillness of the night sky, smelling the earth. Connecting through your heart is our doorway. It's the doorway to your power, to the wisdom and peace of the higher consciousness. Our hearts are the doorways of connecting with each other where we are All One.


  1. Greetings,
    I have been following your blog for several months now, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate sharing your journey. I commend you on your courage in following your heart and intuition, allowing them to lead you in new directions, both in the inner and outer (physical/geographical) realms. I too have been led and allowed myself to move into major new dimensions, including my own huge shift from big-city living to a life deep in the mountains and forests, which has engendered the most profound changes in my inner world (I have especially felt this since late spring of this year, with ever increasing frequencies).

    I am also deeply grateful for the links you post. I just watched James' video, and it made perfect embodied sense to me. I also participated in the Hathor planetary meditation, and love what Tom Kenyon/the Hathors have to share.

    Blessings to you on your path,

  2. Greetings LifeinCreation,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. It means a lot, and I always appreciate meeting my fellow journeyers along the path. And thank you too for sharing a bit about your own journey, inner and outer world. It's comforting and grounding to me to hear from others. We are spaced here and there all around the planet anchoring the new energies and raising the vibration of the planet and people. When we connect, we strengthen the web of Light.

    So glad you enjoy the posts. Please feel free to share the good ones you come across here tas well. This goes for everyone.

    Blessings to you.
    In Oneness,
    Light Keeper

  3. I love this:
    "We are spaced here and there all around the planet anchoring the new energies and raising the vibration of the planet and people. When we connect, we strengthen the web of Light."

    The web of Light. Yes!

    What comfort and purpose we can gain from this understanding, even when in the midst of what can at times feel like a very isolated path among the less aware.

  4. What a wonderful phrase, "Comfort and purpose." It conjures up an image of the Lightworkers' lonely path through Darkness and the unaware. Like the Hermit walking with a lantern in the dark, sustaining herself/himself with morsels of comfort and purpose, as if they were but breadcrumbs scattered along the trail that leads our way home. We've entered the darkest part of the night, and finally, dawn is just before us.

    Thank you for this gift! :)

  5. I don't know much about the Tarot, but I did come across an image of the Hermit this year, and it really spoke to me. Now I know why!

    I do feel like I am being led Home, which has involved a moving away from many circumstances and especially people. It has at times felt disconcerting to be leaving so much behind, but the much stronger feeling has been a deep knowledge that what I am moving towards is where I am meant to go, and that is exciting.

    I am glad we can gift each other .... That is the true exchange.