Sunday, March 6, 2016

Letting Go of Your Grip on "Reality"

Have you ever considered loosening your grip on reality?  When the veil lifts and you jump to a more expanded level of conscious awareness, your sensing and understanding of what "reality" is will shift radically.  From a more expanded, multidimensional perspective, your view of reality becomes flexible and ever expanding, and you'll recognize that truth is not absolute.  There will always be more information to integrate into your understanding of who you are and what occurs in your life and the world around you.

Humans in 3D have such a strong tendency to cling very tightly to their version of reality.  We hold on tenaciously to what we believe to be true.  In a way, we need to grasp our sense of reality in order to maintain our bearings.  However, we often approach the creation of our reality by gathering up just enough information about each new situation, event or person to mould a story.  And then we stop there and hold on to the first story we come up with.

Yet there is a huge difference in what we experience if we are maintaining our sense of reality from a flexible, open state, or from a closed state.  Openness involves looking at reality with an open mind and open heart.  When we clings to our reality with a closed mind and closed heart we shut out the possibility of something new and different and limit our growth of discovery and understanding.  New information that expands your awareness is blocked out, dismissed, or negated.  The closed minds and closed hearts, which predominate in 3D humanity can be seen as the source of the pain and suffering we've experienced in our relationships and in the world events happening around us.  Humans living in the limited closed state of 3D are immensely unkind to each other.  This creates the repeating cycles of unkindness that we long to escape.  And you are here to break up these repeating cycles and usher in a golden age where open mind and open heart predominate here on Earth.

Our vibration sets the tone for our perspectives and the stories we craft to make up our reality.  If we are in lower vibration, we're feeling down or fearful, or frustrated and angry.  From these lower survival emotions our thoughts trend in the negative and we then create stories that lean towards being judgmental of others and our own life situations.  When we raise our vibration, our mood lifts, we feel better about ourselves and the world around us, and the stories we create about our reality are more uplifting, optimistic, and compassionate.  When we raise our vibrations we shift into a state of open mind and open heart.

There are different levels of the truth in every situation.  We have all had many experiences when we held an opinion or belief about another person, either who they are, why they acted in a certain way, or what their situation is.  And then we learned something new that completely changed our view point.  We often refer to these shifts in perception as "Oh, I misunderstood." or, "I jumped to the wrong conclusion."  What is the truth about any given situation or person is totally dependent upon what is known and understood, and what is not.

The same is true in regards to our opinions and beliefs about ourselves.  Although we tend to hold on to our existing perceptions and stories about ourselves even more tenaciously than we do in regards to the stories we create about others.  Perception in 3D is limited, thus the perceptions of ourselves and who we are is limited.

As you're now proceeding quickly through the preparation phase of ascending, you're opening up to more expanded perceptions of your reality and more expanded perceptions of yourself.  To assist you in further expansion, here are a few ideas you might try on, if you choose, and see what happens:

1.  Consider in each situation that there is possibly more going on that you do not yet understand.  Fill yourself with wonder at the ever unfolding journey of discovery.

2.  Cultivate open curiosity.

3.  Allow yourself to be who you are, recognizing that you are so much more than you may currently perceive.  The joyous voyage of self discovery never ends.

4.  Allow others to be who they are without judging or labelling them, recognizing that they are so much more then you may currently perceive.

5.  Treat yourself and all others with kindness and compassion no matter what.

6.  Recognize that your perception of any person or situation is nothing more than a story you've made up.  Leave ample room for discovering that your stories may be jumping to conclusions after all.  Allow your stories to continue changing and evolving as your own conscious awareness increases.

7.  When/If a particular situation in your life is really getting to you, try grabbing your journal and see how many different stories you could make up about that situation.

8.  Let go of your grip on "reality"!

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