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The Path to Ascending is Both Spiritual & Science

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There are few guideposts on the long, winding path leading towards Ascension. Traveling the Path takes deep introspection, healing, clearing what is “Not You” from your mental, emotional, physical & energetic bodies. Traveling the path towards ascending takes courage, determination, and fortitude. It’s not easy, yet the gifts received multiple exponentially as one progresses.

As you travel the path towards ultimately ascending, your Higher Self guides you along. Usually this guidance goes undetected, yet in retrospect you’ll see clearly you were guided all along. A chance meeting, a book that catches your eye, landing on a website and you can’t really remember how you got there or what you were searching for in the first place, all the events in your life, most importantly the challenges you encounter. All this is guidance from your Higher Self.

Along the path we pick up pieces of info and understanding. We revisit those pieces of info, revisit past and current events of our life, and develop deeper understanding. Add new info and your understanding grows and expands. Bit by bit, you make connections and fit the pieces together. The path is one of solving a huge multi-dimensional jigsaw puzzle.

Epiphanies mark the times you connect two or more pieces together. There’s that rush of joy with each epiphany.

Searching for the Keys to Ascension

The spiritual path is a search for the Keys to Ascension. It takes many lifetimes to acquire the maturity and wisdom that are foundational to the Keys to Ascension. We venture into this spiritual journey blindfolded with the veil of forgetfulness.

The Keys to ascending are not clearly marked and identified as such. Meaning that operating under the veil of forgetfulness, one may not grasp the significance of an understood concept as being part of a Key.

Yet keep heart. Remember that each of you reading this are old souls. You’ve already mastered and passed through this 3rd density level ages ago. You have all the wisdom and answers within you. 
Your Higher Self is not out there somewhere. Your Higher Self is never separated from you, not for an instance. Your Higher Self very literally has your back at every moment of your incarnation in this lifetime.

The Path to Ascending is Both Spiritual & Science

The path towards ascending is meta-physical. It is both spiritual and science (quantum physics).

In it’s spiritual aspect, we come into this lifetime which is full of experiences, ideas, thoughts and emotions. The experiences, ideas, thoughts and emotions pile on day after day, month after month, year after year, until one day we realize we don’t know who we really are, yet intuitively know deep inside that we are much grander than we can conceive. Then the path, the search for who one truly is, becomes conscious.

It it’s science aspect, the path is one of gradually, bit by bit, peeling away and shedding off all that which lowers one’s vibration at the conscious, unconscious, and physical levels. And in the process gradually raising one’s vibration. Your DNA is multi-dimensional. In operating at the 3rd density level, much (about 70%) of your DNA is inactive. Human DNA is encoded such that dormant aspects of your DNA will automatically come back online, so to speak, when one’s core vibrational level raises to a set point.

Think of a piano. One’s Vibration is not a single tone like one playing a single note on the piano. Your vibration is comprised of multiple tones all playing simultaneously. Your vibration is a complex harmonic akin to a collection of chords on a piano.

At each point in our lives we operate at a core vibrational level. You hit low notes and high notes and notes in between. Yet all these notes are within a range that make up what you could understand to be your core vibration. Raising your vibration involves not only raising the individual notes you play. It also involves raising the core vibration you’re operating in on a day to day basis.

Ascension can happen once you have shed a majority of what is “Not You” and in the process, you have raised your core vibrational level up to the encoded set point in the DNA. Ascending while incarnate is a choice. Once you’ve accomplished the shedding of “Not You” and raised your core vibrational level, there are clear steps you can take to give notice to your Higher Soul Self that you choose to and are ready to ascend. Ascension will then happen automatically.

Once ascension kicks off, it’s the biggest, best, mind-blowing, out-of-this-world fun experience ever. Our language really doesn’t have words to describe it.

Godspeed on your journey!

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