Monday, October 7, 2019

Finding Your Way Through Misunderstandings, Misinformation & Disinformation about Ascension

As I’ve shared previously, after ascending, apart from rereading Kryon’s DNA book, the Law of One books & Seven Elohim Speak, I disengaged from the spiritual community for three years. In part because what I was experiencing in the post-ascension adjustment process, was not in the realm of discussion within the spiritual community. It still isn’t. There’s zip info on what happens after ascending. More importantly, it’s been of vital importance to me that what I share now comes through without distortions. As I learned with one of my wisest teachers at the start of my personal growth/spiritual path (in this lifetime), we each have to figure out where we are & what we’re experiencing, before we can communicate with others in mutually beneficial ways.

In December 2015, when I achieved ascension, I was aware of many others pursuing ascension and expected that many others would also be ascending around the same time. There were “All the waves of ascension energy coming in”, Right? I’m aware there are others who’ve ascended, however lots of people ascending turned out not to be the case. I’d not been consciously aware of having chosen to be a front-runner & wayshower about ascension. It’s been a slow realization for me as I progressed through the post-ascension process and now see that sharing my experience can be of assistance to others.

Being a front-runner is not an easy path to walk. One takes a lot of arrows in the back. All the Q Anon researchers know this experience from being front-runners in awakening about world events. Love for others, the planet & Humanity is the sustenance of the front-runners.

I’ve debated about writing this message for a number of months. Some readers aren’t going to like this post. Others may find a sense of relief. I share these observations with the intention of being of assistance. However this is received is up to you. The reality of what actually takes place in ascending to the next level of Conscious Awareness, is very different than many speculate, it’s simpler, more elegant, more Loving.

There are many misunderstandings in the spiritual community about what ascension is, what occurs during the process leading up to, during and after the moment of ascending. This is totally understandable because what occurs in the transition from one level of Conscious Awareness to the next can not be fully understood until it is experienced. It’s understood from the next level of Consciousness where awareness and understanding have increased exponentially. It’s analogous to becoming a parent. One can read lots of books about parenting, talk with others about how best to care for a baby/child, plan for the arrival, yet nothing can fully prepare you for the reality of having a child. One has to experience the transition into parenthood to understand. So too with ascension.

Some misunderstandings about ascension arise out of misinterpretations of information provided. For instance a chaneller who innocently misinterprets the information chanelled through them, or who is channelling an entity that is not that highly evolved. We process new information through our current frames of reference. As we progress and develop deeper understanding and wisdom, we interpret new information differently. We each see this when we reread something encountered previously and take away a different meaning than the first time we read it.

Unfortunately, there other misunderstandings coming from disinformation planted within the spiritual community. It’s naive to think this is sacred ground, protected from interference.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’re now very aware of the decades long operations to hide the truth and purposely confuse, manipulate & delude the public through false narrative reporting dressed as “news”, altered history in text books, indoctrination in the education system, fraudulent & manipulated scientific research studies, toxic chemicals & modified genetic material ingested through foods, the air, water, land, and medicines & vaccines, etc. etc. etc. Do you think those who work so diligently, so pervasively to keep the public from awakening have ignored the spiritual community as a venue for planting disinformation to lead people astray? [They] do not want humans to awaken to who they really are. And [They] really do not want humans transitioning to the next level of Conscious Awareness where they operate in a higher frequency band.

These misunderstandings being spread and reinforced hold people back in their growth and divert their attention away from the Self-preparation inner work necessary to achieving ascension. In other words, misunderstandings that one has incorporated into their frame of reference, which give control for your growth & transition over to outside events, lead a person to give over their power and divert off the path. In the journey through these times of immense changes, discernment, as always, is strongly advised. Any ideology that takes one away from focusing on their own inner work and espouses that inner peace, freedom from duality & a big awakening will occur as a result of some outer world event is directing the adherents off course. The path and transformation takes place within. You all know this in your hearts.

There are a number of themes to the misinformation narratives. One version is cosmic events – a solar flash or “The Event” that initiates planetary wide ascension. Then there’s the “Splitting Off” version in which those ascending will be transported to another dimension or another planet (“New Earth”), leaving others who are not ascending behind. Still another version targets those interested in Disclosure and tells them that ascension occurs when the ET craft come down and transport them to another planet/reality where there’s no duality, or not to worry, the Galactic Forces will be coming in soon and stopping all the bad stuff happening now. Yet another tells you that you’ve already ascended with Earth as she’s making her transition, so you don’t have to do anything yourself.

All of these misinformation narratives create confusion, divert attention towards outside events & away from the inner work of healing & Self dis-cover-y. They disempower people by making them perceive their inner transformation as contingent on external events. The “splitting off” narrative promotes fear of ascension & leaving one’s loved ones behind. I’ve come across a fair number of people, very progressed along their path, who express fear of ascending, or that they’ve chosen Not to ascend, because they believe that ascending will take them to some other dimension and they don’t want to leave their spouse, children, family behind.

A number of years before ascending, I came across the “splitting off” misinfo and considered it for some time, trying to work it into my understanding of what occurred in ascension. To be honest, it still remained a possibility in my mind even as I made the full choice and announced I was ready for ascension to occur (“Bring it on!!”) The “We’re all going to 5D” ideology started very shortly before I went through ascending. When I first encountered the 5D ideology, it felt very off, yet I tried it on for a bit as a term to describe the set of new skills available to us as the Earth’s frequencies rise. The “Going to 5D” ideology conflicts in many ways with the Law of One which governs the evolution of souls. A little research into the Law of One and basic physics definitions of each dimension adds further clarity, and is recommended. If one steps back and observes, there’s lots of chatter about going to 5D and creating New Earth, yet I've never come across any clear definition of what “going to 5D” really entails.

Now in recent months as I’ve reconnected with others in the spiritual community, many are talking about “The Event”, some describe as a cosmic solar flash that unleashes ascension across the planet. In my experience, it’s accurate to describe the moment of actual ascending as an “Event”, however, the event takes place within. An inner “flash” or “spark” takes place in the moment one connects to the immense stream of pure, unconditional Love pouring forth to you. A Love so powerful & beautiful it brings tears of joy.

When you ascend while incarnate, you remain in your body, with your same home, family, pets, neighbors, world events, yet you are forever changed within. It’s AWEsome. Which, on some level, you remember, and that’s why you’re on the path. Ultimately, all paths lead back to Source.

Godspeed on your journey!


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