Saturday, February 6, 2016

Integration and Grounding of the Soul Self

Yesterday marked six weeks since I began the transition into conscious connection and merger with my Soul Self.  I've come out of the intense mind transformation period that had me in a very continuous altered state, and this past week I've settled into a very grounded, fully present and integrated way of being.  In many ways I am back to the normal me as I experienced myself prior to ascending, yet I am completely different.  That's probably as clear as mud, as they say.  So I'll share some more observations about the transitions of Self as I've been experiencing this process of transcending out of 3D self now that I have yet another new level of clarity.  Everything is always in the process of evolving, whether we recognize it or not.

Last weekend, it felt like the last lens of limitation lifted.  The process of coming out of limitation might be described in this way.  If you've ever had your eyes checked for corrective lenses, the eye doctor uses an apparatus with multiple lenses that he/she tests your vision through by flipping one or a combination of lenses in sequence while asking, "which is better, one or two." (I could look up the actual name of this device, but you know what I mean so I skip that endeavour).  Anyway, the process of coming out of limitation happened as if over the course of five weeks, every couple of days another lens of distortion lifted away.  It could also be understood as the veil evaporating gradually like fog dispersing.  To the best of my present awareness, the last lens of limitation has lift away.

As I said, the past few days I've been feeling more and more integrated.  I no longer need to switch different modes, from looking within for knowing and insight mode to task/action mode.  My knowing is simply there and present as I go about my day.  I flow smoothly, without questioning myself, from one activity to another.  What to do now? and what to do next? aren't questions I need to ask.  I just know and go with it.  Intuition is no longer a separate message system for me to listen to or ignore.  It's integrated and incorporated, and taking action feels completely spontaneous and easy.

My trust in the process and in timing feels unshakable and complete.  I find I no longer take separate steps too question what's occurring, nor do I need to remind myself to trust the process or the timing.  I just trust without questioning.  My trust feels innate. 

As happens for all of us in the course of a week, a number of events transpired for me to respond to.  Chatting about what I've been up to with a close friend the other day, there were a couple of times she asked. "Why did you do that?" and "Why did you respond that way if you're coming from you higher knowing?" In both cases my response to her was that I just did what I did, which sounded and felt like rather clueless responses at the time.  As events unfolded over the week, I received the results I aimed for, even in one situation where my friend had said, "You know that's not going to happen." Thinking about all this is what led me to understand clearly how I've integrated intuition and action, and eliminated internal debate about how to respond or what steps to take. 

It's been many years since I read Eckhart Tolle's book The Power of Now.  As I've been writing these paragraphs, I find myself curious to revisit it because I have a hunch this is just the phenomenon he describes in the book. 

Over these days and weeks, my awareness, comprehension, and understanding of how everything works and what's taking place in each arena I focus on, myself, my family, my projects, global events, continues to deepen and expand.  It's quite magical and lovely how this takes place.  My knowing just gets deeper with each passing day.

I'll give you a couple of examples of what I perceived before and what I understand now after merging with my Soul Self:

Before Ascending:  I started construction of a custom house four years ago, with very pure intentions that it be built incorporating the quality of honesty, integrity, creativity, and heart, reflecting the elemental themes of wood, stone, and metal.  Three years later I found myself with an unfinished house and some very significant and costly to repair defects, and a builder and responsible subcontractors who refused to do anything about it, despite being contractually liable.  Emotionally I was devastated, disappointed, and very, very angry.  I had a mess of a situation to get myself out of and had already spent twice what was budgeted for the house construction.  I felt like a failure.  And the big question I kept asking was: How did I create this situation?  The outside reflects what is within.  I was pretty skilled at manifesting before I started this project, so what did I do "wrong".  I spent a year in a very dark place trying to subsist, identify another and another defect in construction, and face work my way out of completely debilitating emotions. Then another year working step by step to feel better about myself and starting to ponder a way to remedy the situation.

Now:  My Soul has been, through every moment of my life, fully connected to me at every level of my being, though I was not consciously aware of it.  My Soul created this fiasco of a creative construction project as the absolutely perfect scenario for me to prepare to ascend.  A scenario so perfect that it allowed me to very quickly over a 13 months period, clear away all the discordant emotions in my field, release limiting thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that never served me, all the while raising my vibration, and aligning within myself all the qualities and attributes that make up my true Self.  As for finishing the house, or any other creative project I want to manifest, there is not a single obstacle in my way to bringing it into the material.  I am a Creator God, as are you.  And now I know just how powerful I am.

Before:  For the past eight to ten years there have been quite a number of endeavours I've wanted to undertake, such as writing about my process of spiritual growth and discovery, industrial art projects for my house (I'm making most of the light fixtures and tile mosaic trim for my house), and pursuing legal claims and insurance settlements for construction defects.  However, I just could not get myself to really take action on them.  I'd analyse over and over why I wasn't doing what needed to be done.  Feel bad about myself for avoiding, making excuses, and basically being a slug about it all.  Always with the underlying sense that there was something wrong with me.

Now:  My larger Soul Self knew that it was not the right time to complete these projects.  The industrial art projects would have needed to be scrapped and redone.  If it had been installed, my glass tile mosaic in the shower would have been destroyed when the walls are cut open and the plumbing redone.  Had I pursued the lawsuits and insurance settlements before ascension, when I perceived many obstacles and did not fully know how deserving and worthy I am (we all are), I would not have received the compensation I'm entitled to that I will easily obtain now.  I would have been going against the grain, and now it will all flow in synchronicity.  As for writing, now is the time and I started this blog back up exactly when this information needs to come out in the world.

As always there is more to share, though I will wrap up for now with one last observation.  I've discovered there is one obstacle I bump into daily.  It's my two awesome, rescued Goldendoodles, Rohan and Simone.  Goldendooldles are a very intelligent and very people oriented breed.  They like being petted, getting butt scratches, and doggie massages.  Yet since I began this process, they have become even more attentive to me.  As I type, Rohan constantly bumps my elbow wanting me to stop and pet him and Simone keeps crawling half way into my lap for pets, despite weighing 75 lbs and being way too large to be a lap dog.  All in all, if I had to choose an obstacle, I'd say this is a pretty fun one to have.

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