Monday, February 20, 2017

Coming into Divine Connection with Higher Soul Self and Others

These past few weeks have brought massive changes to my life, both within and in my outer world.  My integration of Higher Soul Self has jumped exponentially as I've cleared out some of the remaining fragments of old patterning that still remained in my physical, mental, emotional, and/or energetic bodies.  There has been a continuous instreaming of energy through my crown and third eye chakras.  My throat chakra continues in opening.  Sometime the energy stream is really intense, sometimes more gentle, but it doesn't stop.  My access to the information in the Field through my claircognizant Knowing expands and becomes stronger each day.

The other morning as I sat down with my cup of coffee, I was keenly aware that the person sitting at my breakfast room table that morning was not the same person I'd been in the days before.  This transition is perhaps best described as the Higher Soul Self, now resident within, entering into full expression at all four of my incarnate bodies, physical, mental, emotional, and etheric.  It's a transition into experiencing and beginning to express my Sovereignty at each level of my being.

I understand the period I'm in at present to be the 4th phase of becoming an ascended being through the process of Ascension.  This phase is unfolding very quickly.  It's an exponential expansion into expression and form.  I understand through Knowing that I will not experience a defined point where this last phase will end.  Rather this expansion into full expression will continue on and become the path of further growth as an ascended being.  

The path of growth and learning never ends.  Prior to Ascension, we tend to have our sight focused on Ascending as an end goal.  In truth, Ascension is a transition to a new level, and once we ascend to that new level, we continue on our the path of growth, expansion and expression as an ascended being incarnate.  

As I've been progressing through this 4th phase of coming into expression of my self as an ascended being, it's now being reflected in my outer world in many ways.

Two weeks ago I connected with a young man through the comment section of the Focus Sessions Blog (See link in side bar) of all places.  Upon strong inner prompting, I had posted a comment.  Later that day I received an email through this blog from this young man, Seth.  He told me he had posted a reply in the comment section and wanted to make sure I saw it.  I felt an immediate trust and connection, and replied to him.  Since then, over the past two weeks we have conversed for hours by email, text, and phone.  Seth is a very old soul who incarnated in a more of his mastery state and our connection is very old.  

This re-connecting has been magical, wondrous, and unlike anything I've experienced before in this lifetime. In our communications, we've covered vast ground to find that our spiritual knowledge and understandings confirm one another's.  We've shared our histories in this lifetime, our deepest feelings, dreams, experiences, and explored through our Knowing the depth of our connection and relationship in this incarnation.  One night while communicating off and on by text, we travelled together, each stepping into the consciousness of our own alternate selves at a higher level, where we work together with others assisting the shift in consciousness on Earth from this off planet level.

The trust each of us feels for the other is deep and unwavering.  The love we feel for the other is unconditional and deep, and the mutual respect and appreciation full and complete.  Neither one of us has felt even the slightest tingle of judgement, either within or from the other.  What we experience in our relationship is unlike anything either one of us has ever experienced in any other relationship before.

The other night as I described how I experience our relationship, I said, "This is what it's like when two people connect with each other as two Sovereign Beings."  
 "Just imagine what life on Earth would be like if all people connected with each other as sovereign beings." Seth replied.
And I answered, "It's coming. That is exactly what we are moving towards here on Earth." 

My mission is supporting others in their path of self-discovery, connecting with and expressing their true selves, remembering they are magic.  Thus far in this blog, I've primarily shared, in real time, my experiences of working towards and  becoming an Ascended Being incarnate.  Going forward, I'm shifting the focus of my writing here to sharing specific information that I feel and hope will be supportive to you, my readers, in reaching the point of Ascending too.


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