Thursday, March 9, 2017

Post-Ascension Insights on What Really Happens When We Ascend?

As it turns out, quite unexpectedly, I am one of the front runners to Ascend while incarnate during this Great Shift on Earth.  Front runners clear the path and turn back to guide and assist others making the same journey. After many years consciously on the path to Ascension, I experienced Ascending in the physical beginning in December, 2015. At the time, I thought I would be part of a large group making the first big wave of ascending. Yet over the past year looking around online for others who had also ascended, I discovered that those on the path were still in the preparation phase of clearing, releasing, developing their sovereignty, and dealing with ascension symptoms. And I can hardly wait to have many others join me as Ascended Beings here on Earth.

We are all here to assist each other on our shared paths to ascending while incarnate. So first, I want to offer assistance by clarifying some of the common mis-perceptions and uncertainty about what really happens when a person ascends in the physical.

There’s an immense amount of confusion about what Ascension really is and what occurs when we ascend. I know just how awful this uncertainty feels because I experienced a lot of it prior to ascending. These feelings of uncertainty, and the accompanying doubts and fears, lower your vibration. And that is counter productive to everything we are working towards, both individually and collectively.

Uncertainty and confusion about what occurs when we go through Ascension in the physical is understandable because experiencing Ascension while incarnate as a human being is, or at least has been, a rather rare occurrence because the Earth’s 3rd density frequency didn’t support it. As a result, there just isn’t much information out there about what the experience of ascending in the physical is like. For those on the path to Ascension, this uncertainty can be confusing, scary, maddening, and frustrating. At least it was for me until I ascended.

In the past on Earth, Ascension has most often taken place as part of the death process of transitioning out of incarnation on Earth. However, we now have the very unique opportunity to experience Ascension while remaining in our bodies while living on Earth, if we chose. This opportunity is made possible because Earth is now ascending from 3rd density to 4th density.

In describing any process of growth and transformation, there are some concrete facts and procedures that everyone encounters along that path. The Ascension process is much like the four stage process of having a child: pregnancy; labor and delivery; resting and recovering after giving birth; then learning how to be a parent. While each person’s individual experience is unique to them, there are definite stages and events that take place which are based in science.

The clarifications I’m offering here are the physics based facts about the distinct stages and events that take place in the process of Ascension while incarnate. The timing, physical sensations, and conscious interpretations about what is happening in your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies when you ascend will be unique to you.

Common Mis-Perception #1:
When you ascend in the physical, you transition to a different dimension, realm, or different planet Earth.

When you Ascend while incarnate you don’t go anywhere. You don’t leave your body. You don’t transport in your body to some other place, realm, or dimension. You stay in your body, on Earth, living in your same home, with all the same aspects to your life. What changes is within you. And that change is profound and wonder-filled beyond anything you can imagine. The veil of forgetfulness dissipates. Your Higher Soul Self descends into conscious connection and embodiment within you. This change is enormous, powerful, and fills you with such incredible joy and ecstasy, it is beyond description. Your level of conscious awareness, meaning what you are consciously aware of, increases exponentially. When you become an ascended being, you transition from 3rd density consciousness to 4th density consciousness.

Common Mis-Perception #2:
Ascension only takes place when you die.

As noted above, this has been most often the case in the past. At this present time, while the Earth is ascending to the higher 4th density level of consciousness, those who have completed the learning required for completion of 3rd density consciousness, either in this lifetime or previous to this incarnation, have the opportunity to experience Ascension while incarnate, if they chose to.

Common Mis-Perception #3:
Many people have already ascended without noticing it.

The event of ascending in the physical body is powerful and wondrous and life changing beyond comprehension. The event of ascending, the second phase of Ascension, continues for a number of months without interruption. It’s the most glorious, mind blowing experience beyond what we have words to describe. There is nothing subtle about it. You could no more ascend without noticing it than you could give birth to a baby, take off in a rocket ship, or have a head on collision without noticing it.

Common Mis-Perception #4:
Ascension is a steady gradual process of transitioning to an expanded level of consciousness.

Ascension is a multi-stage process. What most people are experiencing now on the path to Ascension is the first of a four phase process, the preparation phase. The preparation phase is a steady and gradual process of growth, clearing and expansion, albeit with a lot of bumps, aches, and pains, epiphanies, releases, and breakthroughs. In the first preparation phase, you are clearing out old low vibration patterns and raising your vibration. When your vibration reaches a high enough level, it activates dormant codes within your DNA and initiates the second phase of Ascension. In the second phase, you actually ascend. Ascending jumps you up to a dramatically much higher level of perception, understanding, and access to the field of Universal Consciousness. Your conscious awareness expands suddenly and exponentially as you establish a permanent connection and embodiment of your Higher Soul Self.


May this bring some clarity and peace of mind to you as you continue on your path of growth and expansion.  And remember, we are each Divinely loved and supported on our path.

With Love & Light,

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